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Climate change is a fact, it has been in flux since the formation of this planet that we call Earth, and it has not always been favorable for the life forms that inhabit the Earth today, it is only recently been suitable for the current life forms when one considers the Earths entire existence.  The problem with the position that is being taken by some climatologist today is that mans’ activities is impacting the Earth’s climate, this is also a fact, but the same could be said for every activity experienced in the Earth’s environment, which would include activities in our galaxy, and quite possibly activities throughout the universe.
Hopefully, this short and inadequate holistic example of just what man is trying to comprehend, will give some individuals that have modicum of intelligence will give the individual an opportunity to pause and question what the governments around the world are trying to do, and the real reason behind this movement.
There is a need to monitor pollutants that are man-made, and are not found in the environment naturally, which also have a tendency to impact life forms negatively, this could also include some of the actions that the government is trying to implement to improve climatic conditions.
No thought is given to the fact that the large solar farms are keeping the sun’s rays from warming the earth beneath the panels, and the impact that this one item is going to have on weather conditions, this does not even address the problem of the harmful chemical that are used to make these panels, or how we dispose of panels that are no longer useful.
There are so many contradictory statements made with respect to the aim or purpose of “Climate Change”, that it’s impossible to layout an objective statement as to its intent.
There are a number of things that would indicate that the real intent has nothing to do with the stated goal that is being presented to the general public, but the government has denied many of the claims that oppose the program that the government is pushing.
There is another important reality that cannot be ignored, and that is the fact that both the weather and the global climatic conditions are in continual flux, and the computer programs that have been made to project what is going to happen with the Earth’s climatic conditions are of little use when it comes to predicting weather conditions in the future, because these models are static and cannot account for changes in the Earth’s environment that have not yet occurred, some of which will have a major impact on the Earth’s climate. Some programmers may suggest that they have programmed these unexpected variables into the program, this still would not give any validity to the program, because every estimation is relying on an estimated value that is derived from equipment of questionable reliability, and is relying on information from an extremely short period of Earth’s history.  Think about this point, it has been suggested that there is a difference between weather and the global climatic conditions, this is true, but one would think that it would be easier to predict the weather for a twenty-four hour period, because most of the information is available at some point around the globe, but there are so many variables that are still unknown, the observer should note that the weather people will use four or five models to predict an outcome, and even then they will miss the mark.
Now just how good do you think man is going to be at predicting the Global Climate over a thirty year period, when there are a wide variety of actions that will take place in nature during the intervening years that will lead to major changes in our climatic conditions. Yes, climate change is a fact, and it’s in continual flux, and man’s activities is one aspect that contributes to the flux, but the human species has not reached the level of intellect to suggest that all these variable factors and their weights are known, it’s not the skeptics that are the “Flat Earthiers’”, this title belongs to those that are pushing a concept that is not founded in logic or knowledge, it is founded in an ideology that is intent on controlling man and the resources of the planet, make no mistake about this, every aspect of this false ideology needs to be gone over with a very critical eye.


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