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This weekend the Nation will be celebrating our Nation’s birth, at least that was the intent of the holiday, but it’s questionable how many of its citizens understand the true meaning of this occasion. Rush,  the talk-radio host, said that he was going to make a prediction that Old Glory would receive the same treatment that the Confederate Battle flag received over the past weeks, his statement needs to be corrected, it was in fact an observation of what has been occurring since at least the late 60’s.
In reality, the general principles that are in our Founding Documents have been under attack since the very beginning, by forces that were seeking power over the citizenry. The Civil War was fought over the power grab that the northern states were trying to exert over the southern states, but one would have to find a history book that was written in the 40’s or 50’s to get a true account of what the war was about, the question of slavery was a side issue.
There is more than one type of slavery, and it would appear that just about every nation on the face of the Earth has one form or another of slavery, this includes the United States of America, because the individual does not have the freedom that our Constitution intended for the individual, and every Branch of our Government has shown itself to be incapable of providing that individual freedom, this has proven to be true under the current leadership of Chief Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court’s rulings, he has established a condition that is going to make the future rulings very murky, this is the result of two actions that he has taken related to the Affordable Care Act, and one of the dissenting
judges has suggest that the Act should be attributed to SCOT’s, the monkey is off the President’s back, and on to that of the Supreme Court’s back.
The Supreme Court has joined the other Branches of government in undermining the Nation’s Constitution, and the President is another step closer to fulfilling his promise to “Fundamentally transform” the Nation, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts.
Another tactic that is being employed that is very disconcerting is the ability of some groups of individuals that find positions that are being held by other individuals’ as offensive, that they must refrain from expressing their views, even if those views are held by a majority of individuals, this is being done to eradicate values that have been a part of our culture from the founding of our Nation.
This tactic is being utilized to undermine many of our individual rights that are perceived to come from The Creator, a concept that is under attack by this administration, because they are a key aspect of the foundation of our Constitution.
The Nation’s culture is being torn apart before our very eyes, but thanks to the brainwashing that our schools, media, and political institutions have been employing for at least the past three generations, there is an inability for a major portion of the population to evaluate what is happening to our culture. Our citizens are allowing the destruction of the Nation’s culture, gone are the days of individual responsibility and self-reliance, our culture is opting out to subjugate ourselves to the will of the powers that are shaping our culture, which will be some form of slavery, regardless of the form that eventually takes hold.
There are a large number of candidates running for the Presidency in the Republican Party, but there are only three or four candidates that are showing they have the right perspective to pull the Nation back to the intent of our Founders, but they are not talked about in the media, because the media is intent on keeping things the way they are, so view your selection from the standpoint of who is being ignored, that is if you are interested in your freedom, then make sure that you vote for that individual during the Primary election, don’t wait for the General election to cast your vote. One can only hope that this requiem is premature, just think more about the coming celebration and the true meaning behind it.


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