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It looks like the Republicans have a candidate that is stirring up the country, this article will not be in support of Donald Trump, nor any other candidate, but watching the reactions of the various candidates can be very telling of where they stand and how they will function if they were to get in office. Trump thus far has highlighted two of his concerns, illegal immigration and international trade, which happen to be very important aspect that will need to be addressed at some point in the future, but in a thoughtful manner, and without emotive rhetoric. Emotive language is something that the electorate will have to tone down, and pay more attention to the methods that are employed to resolve the problems in the variety of areas of discord that the country is currently facing.
The area that has been very instructive deals with Trump’s remarks about illegal immigration, a majority of the Republican establishment has denounced his remarks, some candidates made no comment, but two candidates supported his general concern, but not the manner in which he presented his concerns. This reaction by many of the Republicans is an indication of how they may address this question if they were to become president. If the electorate does not want a replay of President Reagan’s 1986’s treatment of this problem, which he latter regretted, the voter should pay more attention to the reaction of establishment Republicans. The failure of the Act should be instructive to all candidates that are seeking political office, and that is a politician cannot be relied on to keep their word once they have gotten what they want, the controls must be a part of the Bill, but most of our elected officials don’t want to put the time and effort into designing a Bill that can resolve a problem, they are eager to move on to the next bill that will satisfy their special interest campaign supporters, frequently this means that the needs of average citizens are overlooked.
Bills are frequently designed to allow the unelected bureaucrats to make changes that were never intended, but the changes give the departments additional power, and an opportunity to expand, the politicians are aware of this, and yet they fail to put limitation on these unelected bureaucrats. This is a major problem at all levels of our government, but there is never any real effort to correct this problem, consequently the unelected bureaucrats create additional problems because they fail to ensure that there is consistency between the various statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations.
It should be clear to a rational person that the electorate is failing in their duty to go into the voting booth as an informed voter.
The other problem is getting individuals to run for an elected office that have nothing to gain except a better community. If a person is really interested in the community, at any level, they are going to find themselves in a position that they will have to make calls that they don’t like because of the requirements of the law, and at times these calls may be harmful to a friend, that’s a position that puts a strain on an elected official, and there are very few people that are willing to be placed in that position.
Most of these problems could be resolved if the Nation got back to the basic principles that are in our Founding documents, we have created a monster, and the only way out of this mess is to undue almost everything that has been done since the establishment of our Nation, there have been some changes that have been very constructive, but they are beneficial only because they are a furtherance of the basic principles in our Founding documents, and an enlightened culture.
There is a term that computer programmers use when referring to the output of a software program, “garbage in, garbage out”, this can apply to the electorates’ method of selecting a candidate, which in many cases fits into one of the following categories: The political party, the race, the sex, the ethnic background, or some single issue, and yet the electorate expects the representative to put some thought into what he/she is doing.
The electorate is getting back what they have put into the program.


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