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Most individuals that spend time in analyzing the methods the President is utilizing to fundamentally transform the Nation have managed to bring most of the methods to light, many of which function in tandem, but the analysts may have missed one very important tactic, one that will increase the probability of his objective’s success, and one which will be very difficult to reverse.
It’s abundantly clear that the President is trying to increase the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country, most of whom are coming from countries that are either lawless or have governmental structures having no compatibility with our Nation, this mixture almost assures that there will be almost no concept of what our Founders intended for this Nation.
Many of the tactics that have contributed to the dissolution of the principles that are embedded in the Nation’s Founding documents have been under attack by both political parties long before the President was born, he is just doing his best to see the job completed during his tenure.
The move that is being overlooked is what he is doing with the illegal immigrants that are coming into the country, they are being positioned tactically towards communities that are relatively small and already have a reasonably large number of like immigrants, this action tends to establish a culture that is counter to the culture that existed in the community originally, this infusion will enable the
new comers to change the culture of the community, and to establish a community that reflects their values, this result most assuredly will not be consistent with the concept of amalgamation, which has always been one of our prime goals for new comers, just think E Pluribus Unum.
America is taking on many of the characteristics of the European Union (EU), and that is a unification that is going to be almost impossible to maintain over time, and this country is rapidly headed in a direction that will emulate the EU.
Just one more point to be made on these new communities, the turn out for elections will be higher for the new comers than it will be for the original residents, because they are going to be more concerned with have the community reflect their values, and too many of our citizens have become complacent with their attitudes towards voting, and what they are voting for. Over the centuries the Nation has drifted away from the original design that made the country unique from all previous governments, it’s going to be exceedingly difficult to get back on track, and it will be impossible if the electorate goes for an establishment D or R, the country needs a President that understands the basic principles that the country was founded on, and has enough understanding to dismantle all of the destructive practices that are currently in place, and to accomplish this task without sending the system into a turmoil, this will be no small feat, it is going to require a leader that is thoughtful and has a good understanding of the areas that need changing, and the degree of change that each area can accept without creating further problems.
This course correction cannot be accomplished in a four year period, which means that the electorate will really have to put on their thinking cap when it comes to putting representative in office that will be more concerned with the state of the Nation, rather than that of the individual’s political position, or that of the political party. If the electorate listens closely to what is being said, they should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.
It would be a mistake to think that just picking the correct person for the Presidency would resolve a lot of the Nation’s problems, but cooperation from the Congressional representatives and the general public will be critical.
The question is, are we up to saving our country?


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