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Some pundits are still getting it wrong, they still feel this election is giving the establishment Republican Party a mandate, but they are incorrect in their assessment.  It’s correct that the electorate is saying that it’s dissatisfied with the President’s programs, but this does not mean that the Republican Party has a mandate to carry out its program, which in many respects has many of the same aspects as the President’s programs,  this means that the electorate will have to stay on top of the Republican Party to make sure it does not throw away the position they have been given.
The Republicans have been crowing about winning the Senate race in North Carolina, but it was a hard fought election that required a massive amount of money, put into the state’s race by the national Republican Party, when this should have been a cakewalk if Tillis had expressed the same values that were employed by real conservative candidates in other states.
It might be instructive to look at some of those races that Republicans walked away with, and did not have to put as much money to win the race, but they had a message that the electorate could get behind. 
Neither of the North Carolina candidates received fifty percent of the votes, and if it wasn’t for the fact that a number of voters held their noses and voted for Tillis because they did not want a Democrat, that agreed with the President’s programs, to hold that position.
The Republican Party nationally needs to get its act together, and get some sense of the grassroots movement that is gaining strength throughout the country.
Citizens are getting tired of the government’s interference in their lives, that leading to a massive growth of government employees and legislation that is creating a drain on private capital and preventing the Nation from getting out of the hole that this government is putting the country in. People are less inclined to believe the government’s distorted view of our economy, its manipulation of the numbers and what they mean don’t match up with the reality that the average citizen is experiencing.
There are many more aspects that are very rapidly beginning to aggravate citizens, such as the efforts to set groups against one another, our Founders intended that all citizens should be treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender, but both political parties continue to push this agenda because they feel it’s a way to gain votes, no group should receive special treatment, but politicians that are out for power find this tactic advantageous to increase their hold on their positions.
It’s time to get back to the principles that are in the Constitution, and correct the damage that has been done to the country by both political parties over the centuries, it’s not about the power of the political parties, it’s about the wellbeing of the Nation.
The two political parties might find it instructive to see the decline in their numbers and the growth of the independents or unaffiliated, many party members are finding it harder to hold on to the party label, and if the parties continue to go in the direction that they have been going in, they will find their numbers taking greater loses in the future.
The Republican Party needs to get back to the principles that it was founded under or it will be replaced by another group, just like the Whigs were replaced by the Republicans in the early 1860s, and hopefully the new group will move us even further back to the intent of the Founders.
Citizens are starting to wake up to the fact that they are being used, and they are going to realize that the only way they can keep the fruits of their labor is to get the power hungry politicians out of office, they are the only ones getting a feathered nest.
Most of the current crop of politicians can’t be rated much lower than they currently are, this is the Republican’s Party opportunity to turn the country around and give it an opportunity to move it back to its greatness, but that is not going to happen by the Party picking winners and losses, that needs to be done by lifting the restrictions that have been placed on the individual over the centuries.
Start thinking smart and maybe you’ll be able to retain some of your dignity, even though you may relinquish some of your power as time goes by. There was a highly maligned political adviser that suggested that the most respected ruler was one that ruled for the benefit of his people, it’s a shame that his advice has never heeded.     


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