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It’s interesting to see how most people seem to processes information, it appears that we are inclined to process information in a lineal fashion, some individuals may take a collateral approach, but there is another approach that could be termed the chaos approach, that appears to be just that, chaotic, but it just might be closer to reality.
The problem with the chaos application is that it is in continual flux, much like the weather or one’s life, and man likes to quantify information that can be organized into discreet units, which tends to limit one’s view to what fits in that box, this in turn often leads one to come up with conclusions that are incorrect because the interaction of the various units are not taken into account. Let’s take a look at the major concern that most people have today, that would be the individual’s economic stability and/or condition, but there are other factors that are also of concern to the average citizen, such as, healthcare, immigration, growth in government, the environment, loss of nation’s standing in the world, and education, just to mention a few areas, but these additional concerns should not be put into a box, because they are all interrelated to the major concern.
Until we learn how to look at our problems from a chaos point of view, we will continually come up with incomplete solutions that don’t even come close to resolving our problems. 
It’s important to remember the chaos web is in continual flux, so the best one can do is to come up with a system that allows for this flux, but even this move may introduce fluxes in other area that were not anticipated.
Until man cones to the realization that he is not working with a system that is designed to resolve his’ problems we will continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.
It would appear that a very high percentage of our society does not have a grasp for even the basic principles of economics, this fact allowed Jonathan Gruber to sell the American public on a healthcare plan that was unworkable and unaffordable, but that is what you get when you think you can get something for nothing, but then the government appears to be very adept at this exercise. 
Each of the items in the beginning of second paragraph have an impact on our economy and dictate what the citizen will end up with at the end of the day to spend on things that are needed or wanted, but there are forces in our society that would rather the citizen did not make this connection.
An individual cannot make a rational decision related to many of the aspects that he/she deals with on a day to day basis without having a basic understanding of economic, this should be an important part of one’s education throughout the educational system, it’s but one of the tools that are needed for critical thinking, but it is not beneficial to the institutionalized educational system to instruct its wards in these matters.
It’s time to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and learn the basic principles of economics so that you are not manipulated by charlatans, in and out of the government, most of the items sited in the
second paragraph, that are controlled by the government, could be done away with, and the money that is being poured into those systems could be diverted back to the individual.


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