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Some people have suggested that the U.S. of America is no different than any other country, this may be true when it comes to the fact that it is populated with people from all over the world, but it losses one very important fact, and that fact has to do with how this continent was developed.
The continent was sparsely populated by natives, that in all probability came to this continent thousands of years before the massive infiltration of peoples from the Western European continent, many of these nations wanted to establish their claim on various portions of the new continent, but this goal was continually called into question, which was inevitably resolved through conflict.
During the early stages of this invasion the natives were perceived as primitive, and seldom given a second thought. The natives did not have the ability to resist the onslaught of the Western European nations that were looking to gain a foothold on this continent, but their invasion brought along another killer that decimated the native population even more than the outright slaughter by the newcomers, and that was the diseases that the invaders carried within their bodies, that the natives were unable to fight off, at first this was an unintentional benefit, but was used later, intentionally, to eradicate a large portion of the American Indians.
This encapsulated history is given to suggest that the conquest of this new world is no different than man’s conquest throughout his history, which indicates that territory is only solidified as long as the established governing group can hold on to what it has.
What has made the United States of America different than any previous nation is the fact that the Founders designed our Constitution to make the individual the focal point, not some ruling class, but through the centuries our representatives have managed to negate this point, in spite of their protestations that they are following the Constitution.
The electorate has gradually allowed their individual freedom to be eroded, by the unscrupulous politicians in both political parties. The current President is just about to fulfill his promise to “fundamentally transform” America that is one thing he did not lie about. If there are any true Americans left in our nation, it’s time to rest our course, and to point out how these charlatans are manipulating the electorate. The electorate cannot count on the fourth estate, the government, or the current educational system to aid them in their thinking, individual’s will have to learn some basic principles of economics, and apply some understanding of some basic flaws in man’s character to come to the realization that our culture is about to implode if we fail to take some strong corrective action.
There has been a movement since the very beginning of our founding to a centralization of political power, this started at the local level and has continually moved up the chain of government, for all practical purposes the President has managed to move that centralization into the Administrative Branch of government , but one can trace his success back to 1913 with the passage of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, this is something that the electorate should consider, it would be a nice first step in learning how the populace has been manipulated over the centuries. One step that would go a long way in resolving the loss of a state’s sovereignty would be to repeal the 17th Amendment and to reestablish a system akin to the original method of selecting individuals for the U.S. Senatorial position, which would make it more difficult for the major political parties to influence a state’s selection of its Senators. The electorate and their representatives need to start to think of how this country can be turned around to fulfill the intent of our Founders. The power hungry politicians need to be sent a message that the power resides with the individual, and that free enterprise needs to be the model that is utilized to reestablish the country’s greatness.
A new beginning would be to accept an individual for his or her value regardless of race or ethnicity, and to allow the individual to establish their place in our society without the government establishing the rules for how holds what position. The individual can decide what he/she decides what the American dream is, rather than the system telling us what is best for us. Each individual has his/her own goals, and those goals do not always include material things, there are some basic needs that must be met to sustain life, but there a wide variety of outcomes beyond those basic needs, a vibrant society will have a wide diversity of outcomes.


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