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The Nation has done things over the past two hundred and forty years that have moved the governance of the Nation away from the original intent of our Founders, but given man’s propensity to exert control over his fellow citizens one should not be surprised at the outcome we are seeing.
There is no doubt as to where these actions will eventually take us as a nation, the scenario has been repeated throughout man’s history, but the species does not seem capable of escaping this cyclical phenomenon, one can only conclude that the human species is lacking intelligence, and more than slightly crazy. It is disheartening to see the paradigm that our founders gave to us totally distorted in a mere 240 years, but there are some people that still holdout some hope that the Founders’ paradigm can be brought to fruition by establishing an educational system that teaches the individual to think critically and outside the box.
One of the things that should be done to correct the problem we find ourselves in is to repeal or illuminate some of the actions that were taken in the past to bring us to this point.
One good starting point would be to repeal the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; this amendment has damaged the concept of a state’s sovereignty, which happens to be one of the key points in the Founders’ paradigm.
The current method of selecting Senators lends itself to reflect the position of one of the two major political parties, which frequently mirrors the position of the ruling party, and this position often trends towards a centralized government, at the expense of a state’s sovereignty.
States were meant to be viewed as independent nations that came together to form a Union that would cooperate to provide for a national defense force.
The selection of state senators were originally made by the representatives that were elected to the legislative branches of the states, the beauty of that system was that the senators realized that they were responsible to the various districts within their state. Senators now seem to think that they are responsible for the Nation’s condition, so the U.S. Senate has become a legislative branch that moves the government towards a centralized government, at the expense of the states’ sovereignty, which is diametrically opposed to the conditions that were implemented by the Founders to ensure that most of the decisions would be made by elected officials that were at a level where the constituency was being impacted. It should be clear to most of the electorate that our current system is in violation of most of the basic principles that our Founders established to protect the individuals freedom, evidently most of our representatives have only considered their oaths as a group of words that they were required to utter to attain their positions, maybe we should consider a dissolution of a representatives position when they fail to comply with the basic principles of the Constitution, this principle should also be applied to those that are appointed or elected to judicial positions, since individuals in this branch of the government feel that they have the right to make law, rather than follow it.
There are many more problem areas that need to be addressed, but in order to make the corrections that need to be made there has got to be an understanding of the Nation’s Constitution as it was originally intended to work, and it’s clear that most of our elected representatives either have little or no understanding of the basic principles of our Constitution, or only applies what they know when it suits their purpose. What is even more evident is that the electorate has almost no knowledge of the true value of our Constitution; if they did they would not tolerate what their government is doing to them.
There are a number of people that are trying to educate the electorate, and the forms of educating the electorate are varied, but the electorate is going to have to put in some work because some methods are rather complex, but there is an ethos that can be gleaned from the various methods that will aid the individual in their understanding that is less complicated, but it’s still useful as a guide.


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