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A citizen’s right to free speech or to protest a wrongful act is a cherished right in our country, but too often these forms of expression are taken far beyond their intended purpose to a point that they become an impediment to another citizen’s rights.
This is what is what happening with the actions that are being questioned related to actions taken by some police officers, but they are not evaluated as individual cases, rather they are viewed as an systemic problem within our law enforcement system towards citizens in minority groups. It’s probable that there some law enforcement officers that may fall into the category that these protesters are suggesting, but these protesters are going too far with their assumptions, action, and demands.
It’s important for citizens to view the police officers position from the officer’s from the officer’s position. Our law enforcement personnel have a job that puts them in harm’s way, with every action that they take on a daily bases, that average citizen does not think of an ordinary traffic stop for a tail light being out as a major problem, but there have been a number of shooting related to vehicles being stopped for some minor infraction, so the officer is consentingly alert to the fact that any stop can place him or her in the same position as his/her deceased fellow  officers, this reality is with our law enforcement with every action that they take, just the fact that they are in uniform is sufficient for some sick mind to take an action that would take an officer’s life. Most citizens don’t grasp the full impact of this life style, and one does not have to live in a large city that is riddled with crime to experience these conditions.
It’s extremely important to comply with an officer’s directions when they are issued, and to avoid making any move that could be perceived as threatening, case in point a young man with a BB hand gun, the fact that it was a child does not negate the fact that the officer’s life may have been in danger. 
The other side of this story is related to who makes up the laws that the police quite, frequently, have to enforce. The laws are a product of our elected officials, and there seems no limit to the endless streams of laws, often these laws contradict one another. When a citizen complaints about a law that is being broken, and where that infraction may be  impinging on the rights of another, the police officer has no option but to enforce the law. This was the case with the individual that was selling loosies outside a store that had a permit to sell cigarettes, and the owner felt like this was hurting his business, so he asked police to remove the individual. The individual selling the loosies had thirty previous citations, presumably for the same offense, but he resisted being removed from the site, which drove the police to use force, regretfully the amount of force that had to be applied contributed to the man’s death, but there were other factors that contributed to his death, his physical condition, and the requirements for transporting offenders to the station or jail. People a quick to hypothesize what should have been done, but they come up short when it comes up to resolving the problem and complying with the laws, but don’t blame the police, they don’t make the laws, they just do their best to comply with them, and their job would be more rewarding if citizens would just try to understand the policeman’s duties and responsibilities.
The other case was where an eighteen year was shot, if one looked cortically at this case, it would appear to find the officer, as being justified. None of these cases appear to be racially motivated, they just happen to involve a white police officer and a black individual, should they involve an investigation to see if the act was racially motivated - - - yes, but the same should apply to a shooting where the racial roles are reversed, but one seldom, if ever, sees that.
The President, the Attorney General, some racial instigators, and a good portion of the media were more than happy to jump into the fray before all the facts were known, and in some cases indicated that they would not be satisfied until the officers were found to be guilty, this sounds like the wild west where people get roused up by a mob that wants a lynching before all the facts are known. If one were to take into consideration the actions of many of these protestors, one would have to conclude that there is no difference between these protestors and the lynch mobs in the old west, but the law is not being applied to the protestors that are trampling over the rights of citizens that are being violated in many of our cities, but these acts are not receiving the same attention that have indicted the three police officers. The major contributors to the current lynch mobs are the President, the Attorney General, and the media; one would find it hard to come to any other conclusion given the facts.  This appears to be another contrived crisis that is being spurred on by the Rev. Al Sharpton, which he made clear recently when he made three demands of the Federal government, those demands called for the Federal government to remove the state and local prosecutors’ ability to prosecute police; the Department of Justice should establish a special department to prosecute police officers, and to establish if any civil rights violations were found. Sharpton’s demands fit nicely with the President’s plan to “fundamentally transform” our country, it makes one think that all this has been coordinated.    


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