Weekly Recycling In Carolina Beach Starts March 12th

Weekly Recycling In Carolina Beach Starts March 12th

Weekly Recycling In Carolina Beach Starts March 12th Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - Recycling containers in Carolina Beach are currently picked up twice a month. Starting March 12th, those containers will be emptied on a weekly basis. Residents will no longer have to wonder if it's time to roll out their blue residential recycling containers or have to deal with overflowing containers.

The Carolina Beach Town Council voted to approve increasing curb side recycling pickup from twice a month to once a week during their February 13th, meeting.

The Council discussed increasing the frequency of recycling pickups from twice a month to a weekly schedule during their January 18th, Council Retreat to discuss goals, review accomplishments and discuss various projects prior to beginning the budget planning process in March.

On Monday January 29th, Town Manager Michael Cramer informed Council he had spoken with the Town's waste hauler, Waste Industries, and they agreed to picking up recycling on a weekly basis rather than twice a month. The additional charge to customers would raise the monthly refuse rate by $1.10 from $18.90 to $20.00 per month.

During the Council's January 18th, meeting Cramer said the Town's contract with Waste Industries will expire in December 2018 and, "We will be putting together a new request for proposals and sending it out to all of the organizations around that do waste disposal. When we get that proposal together I will vet it with Council so that you know what services are being requested and how they are being requested and then it will go out for bid for the next contract."

Councilman Steve Shuttleworth explained, "In our current contract we have different collection dates for different parts of Town. In the high rental area on the north end we get twice a week pick up service during the season... but I saw a big flurry of comments a week ago about people over in the residential R-2 and R-3 and other districts that said we're not getting our [recycling] every other week."

Shuttleworth said, "That's the problem. They want their recycle every week. Just like we figured people are generating a whole lot more recycling than they are trash. And when they have to go two  weeks to get the recycle..."

Councilman Tom Bridges said, "They are packed. Jump up and down to try and get it all in there."

Shuttleworth said, "A lot of residents are saying I can't wait two weeks to have my recycling picked up because I'm doing 90% recycling and 10% trash. If I put out my trash can every week, let me put out my blue can every week."

Cramer said, "We can talk to Waste Industries and say during this year this is what I want the service to be and they're going to tell us how much it is going to cost and what we have to change our rate to... so yes that's something that can be done relatively easy. Change the contract and it's an amendment and council adopt the change in the service fee."

Shuttleworth explained, "We were supposed to get some kind of break... when we added recycling, they're hauling cost and dumping and tipping fees out to the dump were supposed to go down and we were supposed see some benefits."

He explained, "In the interim, we have heard from the residents, pickup my recycling every week."

Cramer explained, "We've heard it to. It's just that trying to get to the end of the life cycle on this and doing a brand new contract that has those options in there, you get a better rate for it. Yes, we can do it now. It's not prohibited."

On Monday January 29th, Cramer explained to Council, "At the January 18th Council Retreat we had a discussion about increasing our bi-weekly recycling service to weekly recycling service. Currently the town has 3,275 customers with recycling containers and we charge each customer $18.90 for weekly garbage service and bi-weekly recycling service.  Our contract with Waste Industries ends December 2018.  Waste Industries has stated that they will increase our service for recycling to weekly but it will cost $1.10 per residential customer."

He explained, "The total new monthly residential charge for one set of cans (1 Garbage and 1 Recycling) would be $20.00 per month for weekly service of both containers.  If you want to make this change it will need to go before council as a change to the Service and the Rate and Fee Schedule."
Cramer requested Council members advise him if they wanted to place the item on the agenda for their February 13th, meeting.

Mayor Joe Benson explained, "I agree with Steve--let's bring up. 2 additional pick ups at 55 cents each is a good deal. Not only that, I'll bet it offset the practice of putting some recyclables in a trash receptacle."

During the Council's February 13th, meeting Councilman Steve Shuttleworth questioned what the increase would be for people living on the north end (Carolina Beach Avenue North and Canal Drive) because they get trash pickup twice a week.

Cramer explained, "Yes it is. It's an additional $7.78 cents... The total bill to those residents is in the $26.00 range and then this would be an additional $1.10. Everybody gets billed that."

Shuttleworth asked, "How much would it cost the Town to absorb the $1.10 for the rest of the contract on the regular residential routes?"

Cramer explained, "I believe it was in the $30,000 to $40,000 range."

Council member Leann Pierce questioned why the Council was not holding a public hearing.

Cramer said, "Because on budget matters with our current rate and fee schedule you are not required to hold a public hearing. Council can always request a public hearing."

Pierce said, "We've already got one email saying they weren't going to do it and they didn't care if it was a dollar or not."

Shuttleworth said, "Whether we pass on the cost or absorb the cost, I think we heard from enough people saying look, we've got too much recycling and not enough trash and we need to increase the recycling pickup. I can support that, the question is do they need to pay for it for the rest of the contract or does the Town absorb" that cost?

Pierce said she would like to hear from the public what their thoughts are.

Councilman JoDan Garza said, "I understand one person, but the majority of residents are recycling more" and, "We're in an era where I feel more people are being green" and recycling more items.

Shuttleworth explained that when the contract for trash and recycling service is up for bid later this year, "There may be a menu of services that aren't currently provided" and the Town can negotiate the cost of those services. He explained, "I'm more inclined to absorb it. I know Michael hates  that because it's a budget hit."
Cramer said, "There is no rush on this. This was an item brought up in the retreat. There is no particular rush on this item other than what Council puts on it" and he could bring the item back next month or when planning for the 2018-2019 budget.

Shuttleworth explained, "There is no rush other than the fact that our public has asked us."

Mayor Joe Benson said, "I recommend we take this up at the workshop meeting in two weeks."

Shuttleworth made a motion to increase the recycling pickup to every week and pass on the cost of $1.10 additional per month to the customers.

Council members Steve Shuttleworth, Tom Bridges and JoDan Garza voted in favor. Mayor Joe Benson and Council member Leann Pierce voted against the motion.

Pierce said she's not opposed to the increase, but would like to hear input during a public hearing.

An increase of $1.10 per cart will reflect on the April 2018 bill.


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