Carolina Beach Paving Schedule Delayed Due To Asphalt Demand

Carolina Beach Paving Schedule Delayed Due To Asphalt Demand

Carolina Beach Paving Schedule Delayed Due To Asphalt Demand Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - A project to pave Bridge Barrier Road, Saint Joseph Street, Spencer Farlow Drive and Access Road near Snow's Cut Bridge continues to experience delays.

On Tuesday March 27th, Carolina Beach Town Manager Michael Cramer explained, "We have had significant issues with demand for asphalt and paving companies.  That has severely slowed down the production of our project.  The paving company will be back in on April 5th to finish the leveling course and the top course of asphalt on Lewis, Access and Spencer Farlow.  The following week they will begin milling Bridge Barrier Rd and Paving it.  Following that they will install pavement markings, clean up the edges and work on the transition along the route.  It has taken way to long.  Seems like every time it rains it takes the paving companies 3 days to recover."

In late February, Cramer explained the project was two weeks behind schedule due to weather conditions. Cramer explained, "Due to the rain storms the last few weeks the contractor is two weeks behind.  We haven’t received the new start date yet."

Cramer explained, "Due to several factors we have postponed the start of the paving until the week of February 26th.  We expect the work to take about 60 days."

According to Gil Dubois - Director of Operations - Cramer was updated on Tuesday February 27th about the project. Dubois explained, "Mr. Cramer was updated this morning about the asphalt paving  and I was preparing a updated release for information when I received this email request and response. Brian and I were talking with contractor yesterday trying to get the project schedule locked down. We apologize for the delay. We should have an updated schedule that should be  posted by the end of this week."

He explained the delay will work in favor of the Town due to extension of a nearby Army Corp of Engineers project to address erosion along the banks of Snow's Cut (The Intracoastal Waterway). The contractor performing the work for the Army received an extension on time to complete the project. That means large trucks will be traveling along the roads that are to be paved. Delaying work will result in more time for those trucks to serve that project rather than having them drive over the newly paved roads.

Dubois explained, "Actually the delay is working in our favor for a change. The contractor that is working for the Corp of Engineers had their contract extended to place rip-rap all the way to the boat landing  from what we were informed about last Friday. I have been told that the extra work is scheduled to be completed in 10-14 days. The heavy trucks loaded with large rip rap is coming into Carolina Beach over the bridge, turning right on Dow, right on Bridge Barrier, right on Spencer Farlow and into the work site. The tractor and trailer and quad axle dump trucks are exiting the same route. It would be nice for this work to be completed before we put down the new pavement  We have asked the contractor for the paving contract, Southern Asphalt, to be prepared to start on Spencer Farlow instead of Bridge Barrier if the heavy truck traffic was still going on when the asphalt contractor arrives and starts the paving project."

He explained, "There is a lot of construction and related work underway at Carolina Beach at this time.  Our staff and contractors are shuffling projects and schedules  to complete the projects as soon as possible. The town staff wants to look after our investments in our infrastructure and streets. Therefore we may shift a few scheduled projects to accomplish the best management practices of our limited funds. We are trying to get information from other agencies and specific construction needs or schedules to handle our project as efficiently as possible."

Roads to be Paved:

On Bridge Barrier Road, paving will take place from Dow Road to the end of Bridge Barrier where that road dead ends near the American Legion.

On Spencer Farlow Drive, paving will take place from the intersection of Bridge Barrier Road to the intersection of Access Road and Spencer Farlow Drive.

On Access Road, paving will occur from the intersection at Spencer Farlow Drive to the intersection with Lake Park Blvd. On Lewis Drive, paving will take place along that road until it turns into Saint Joseph Street. Paving on Saint Joseph Street will continue to the intersection with Lake Park Blvd. A part of the Saint Joseph Street project maybe postponed.

According to Gil Dubois - Director of Operations - the delay is, "Due to some planned storm drain work where the street would be removed to install infrastructure. Paving would be completed soon thereafter."

Dubois said the paving schedule was supposed to start with Bridge Barrier Road the week of February 26th. The week of March 5th, crews were to begin work on the portion of the project for Spencer Farlow Drive and Access Road.

The week of March 12th, work is scheduled to begin on Saint Joseph Street. All of the roads will be "milled" or ground down prior to repaving an overlay asphalt surface. Dubois said Town employees will post road construction notices and possible limited road closures.

The project is part of a $650,000 paving plan. In May of 2017 Cramer explained to the Town Council the funding will come from State Powell Bill Funds. Annually, State Street-Aid (Powell Bill) allocations are made to qualifying incorporated municipalities. The typical Powell Bill allocation from the State to the Town is $168,000 per year.

Cramer said, "We talked about Powell Bill back at our retreat and one of the things we mentioned is that we had a very robust fund balance for that activity." Fund balance is the amount of funds accumulated in a reserve account. He explained, "In our current budget... we have projected $650,000 to pull out of that fund balance and utilize in this next budget year" for fiscal year 2017-2018.

Dubois said core samples were taken from Bridge Barrier Road and the last time the road was resurfaced, "They really didn't do any preparation so the surface on top just kind of slides around." He said, "This last inch and a half of asphalt did not adhere to the last one and it's cracked and broke up pretty bad."

Dubois said the plan is to mill down the road and remove the top layer and part of the older asphalt layer, "So when we put the next layer of asphalt down it actually adheres to the existing foundation which gives us a road that lasts a longer duration of time."

Bridge Barrier Road is located behind the Food Lion Shopping Center near Snow's Cut Bridge on N. Lake Park Blvd.

Dubois said, "All the heavy traffic we get from the back of the Food Lion and a lot of the commercial traffic from two or three businesses in the area all use the Bridge Barrier component" and during an evaluation, "That was one of the highest ratings we had as far as damaged road surface."


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