Councilman Expresses Concerns With Treatment Of New Members

Councilman Expresses Concerns With Treatment Of New Members

Councilman Expresses Concerns With Treatment Of New Members Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - During the Carolina Beach Town Council's April 24th, workshop meeting, Councilman Jodan Garza expressed concern over the atmosphere among Council members during deliberations from the perspective of the audience and those watching video online.

Garza explained, "After our meetings I always go back to re-watch videos to see what I can improve on as a Council member. And a few times I've noticed specifically - and I addressed Steve on this afterwards. Being new no this position I work with you guys twice a month where we actually speak and say the things we say in accordance to what all that verbatim is. And after each meeting I go back and watch that video. I've noticed there are times either A, I'm cut off or B, whenever I'm willing to make a motion or the mayor is going to make a motion, you can see that there's other council members that seem to get annoyed or frustrated because I'm not saying things the right way."

He explained, "I know that when I watch that video and I see that, I know that our residents see that so then it comes across that we are not professional to one another. Then also there's moments when you hear quips about 'there goes Jodan, his shirts and his outfits again' so then it feels like we are just throwing jabs at each other verses we have a really good fun nature."

He said, "What I ask is please be patient. I feel that it would be better if instead of getting annoyed just saying 'hey councilman Garza let me help you with this motion' or let me help you out to present this the right way. Or hey, I understand that you may not know what this means. Let me kind of break this down for you. Since you guys are the veterans. Me and the Mayor are new at this and the only way I'm going to get better is if you guys help me. So I do advise you to get free time, go back and watch the videos because you will see blatantly what I'm speaking of. From a Council member to one another, it's been upsetting."

Councilman Steve Shuttleworth said, "Jodan, I appreciate you bringing that up and airing that. I appreciate that."

Jodan explained, "As we move forward, all I ask is that if I do stumble on my words or if there's things I should present a little better in a certain manner, give me that common courtesy. Just help me with that. I would do the same for you if we weren't in a position I didn't know because I'm new at this. It's something I felt strong about and I wanted to bring up."

Councilman Tom Bridges said, "Thank you and I would encourage you that if I'm an offender please let me know."

Jodan said, "Oh, yes sir."

Town Manager Michael Cramer explained, "We put out the agenda for Council meetings and our workshops usually a week ahead of time with all of the information in there. I hope that you all know that during that week you can come to staff, myself, Kim, to say hey this is kind of my thought on this topic and this is what I want to do with making a motion and we will try and help you craft that kind of thing. Not that we need to know ahead of time what you're thinking, but we can go and help you out in some regards with that."

Council member Leann Pierce said, "I just said we should have some team building classes."

Shuttleworth said, "Jodan and I have traveled several times together. We've got a new council Christmas Card we took and will provide to you guys."

Jodan said, "On a side note on that. I literally had left the building. Steve had to run me down and said 'Jodan, gotta get a photo together buddy."

Pierce said, "We all have room for improvement. I don't mean just Steve or just you."

Shuttlesworth said, "Just generally Jodan, I roll my eyes at everybody not just you."

Bridges said, "We do have eyes out in the community that are looking at us."

The Council adjourned their meeting with a positive atmosphere. Mayor Joe Benson was not present at the meeting.


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