Substance Believed To Be Fentanyl Tests Positive As Sugar

Substance Believed To Be Fentanyl Tests Positive As Sugar

Substance Believed To Be Fentanyl Tests Positive As Sugar Featured

By / Local News / Tuesday, 28 August 2018 15:12

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NEW HANOVER CTY  -  In July of this year the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department arrested three people on drug charges including 13 pounds of a substance officials said tested as Fentanyl, a powerful opioid.

The Sheriff's Department indicated it was one of the largest seizures of Fentanyl in North Carolina.

On July 20th, the District Attorney's Office issued a statement saying the State's lab tested the substance and concluded it was not Fentanyl.

The Sheriff's Department hired a private lab to test the substance and the results indicated it was sugar.

On July 20th, District Attorney Ben David explained, "The job of the District Attorney is not to convict at all costs but to be ministers of justice. That commitment requires us to move swiftly to dismiss or modify charges when we become aware of new evidence that calls into question a defendant’s guilt."

David explained, "Earlier this week, Sheriff Ed McMahon and I requested that the State Crime Lab conduct expedited confirmatory testing on a substance that initial tests indicated to be fentanyl. Today, we learned that the substance was not in fact fentanyl. As a result, trafficking and some related charges against Wanda Moore, William McIntire, and Charles Batts were dismissed. In light of this new information, my office requested that the defendants be brought before a district court judge to have their bonds revisited."

Judge Robin Robinson modified the bonds for the three individuals arrested in the case to $10,000 secured. The defendants still have the following pending charges:

Wanda Moore:
‐ Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
‐ Maintain a Vehicle/Dwelling/Place (CS)
‐ Possess Heroin
‐ Possess Marijuana Up to ½ Ounce

Charles Batts:
‐ Possession of Marijuana
‐ Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia  ‐ Possession of Controlled Substance on Prison/Jail Premises
‐ Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

William McIntire:
‐ Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver (PWIMSD) Heroin
‐ Possess Heroin ‐ Maintain a Vehicle/Dwelling/Place (CS)
‐ Possess Marijuana Up to ½ Ounce

Last week the Sheriff's Department received results from a private laboratory - NMS Labs - which indicated the substance is actually sugar. The original field testing kit used by the Sheriff's Department to test for Fentanyl was purchased from Scott Company.

According to Deputy Sheriff, Lieutenant Jerry Brewer, "According to the manufacture of our fentanyl test kits, sugars as well as some other products can produce a false positive.  Sheriff McMahon has changed the policy dealing with fentanyl. No one will be charged with fentanyl until it has come back from our private lab positive for fentanyl."

The three individuals previously had a court date of August 2nd, for the other remaining charges.

Brewer explained Tuesday, "Those charges are still waiting to be prosecuted."

Fentanyl can be 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine or heroin and just a particle of the drug in contact with the skin can cause serious illness or death.


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