Update On Florence Debris Removal In Carolina Beach

Update On Florence Debris Removal In Carolina Beach

Update On Florence Debris Removal In Carolina Beach Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH - Debris pickup began last week across New Hanover County following Hurricane Florence.

Carolina Beach officials provided an update on debris collection on October 2nd.

The contractor hired for debris removal has already completed a first pass collecting vegetative debris placed in the right-of-way throughout Town.

Currently crews are working on  a second pass beginning in the northern section of Town.

443 truckloads of vegetative debris equaling around 22,038 cubic yards has been hauled away.

Household and construction debris removal will begin later this week. Town officials are asking the public to place such debris by the curb. A site was opened at 304 Dow Road following the storm, but that site is now closed and officials ask the public to no longer bring materials to that location.

Piles of debris should be placed by the roadside in separate piles of vegetative, household and construction debris and White Goods (appliances). Limbs and downed trees should be cut up to manageable lengths. Household and construction debris including water or wind damaged mattresses, furniture, boards, sheetrock, shingles, plywood, carpeting, etc should be placed by the side of the road. White Goods which includes damaged refrigerators, air conditioners, appliances etc., should also be placed by the roadside. Each debris type should be placed in separate piles.

In Kure Beach, officials are asking residents to place storm debris next to the street as soon as possible. Keep debris away from storm drains, ditches, water meters, fences, etc. so that crews have access and it does not interfere with infrastructure. Miscellaneous items should be kept separate from yard debris. Crews are currently in the process of collecting debris, but the process will take time as more property owners return and assess damage. Only place debris directly related to the storm. If you are using a tree service or contractor for work at your home, the vendor should remove that debris.

Unincorporated Areas of New Hanover County
Debris collection in unincorporated areas of New Hanover County began Monday, September 24, starting with county parks and schools, then moving to unincorporated areas. Crews will make no less than two passes over the county to ensure debris is cleared as timely as possible.
When cleaning and clearing debris, residents are asked to follow these guidelines:
• Separate vegetative debris (branches, leaves, etc.) from construction and demolition debris (tile, carpet, drywall, etc.)
• Do not place debris in bags
• Pile smaller pieces of debris on top of larger pieces
• Debris should be in pieces no larger than 12 feet in length
• Place piles at least three feet from mailboxes, utility meters, sign posts, and hydrants
• Place piles no further than five feet from the road
• Do not place debris piles directly under power lines
• Try to consolidate piles with neighbors
“We will have 40 crews including contractors working hard, and we are glad to be part of this next step of recovery from Hurricane Florence,” said Environmental Management Director Joe Suleyman. “Following these guidelines will result in the efficient pick-up of debris in the coming days.”
The New Hanover County Landfill will only take vegetative debris from contractors with FEMA monitoring while debris pick-up
efforts are underway. Residents and other contractors can drop off vegetative debris at two locations beginning Monday:
• Ogden Park baseball field parking lot: 615 Ogden Park Dr., Wilmington
• Veteran’s Park adjacent to Ashley High School next to the retention pond: 835 Halyburton Memorial Pkwy., Wilmington

Gated communities must provide permission to enter or a gate code to Environmental Management by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Private roads will be serviced as long as a large truck can enter and have space to turn around to exit. Those who live on small private roads are asked to consolidate debris piles with neighbors at the front of the road.

Residents can check the status of pick-up in their area by visiting https://Recycling.NHCgov.com

For information about how to dispose of additional debris call 910-798-4400 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekdays.

For the City of Wilmington, storm debris will be picked up by DRC Emergency Services (DRC), which is the separate company contracted by the city to pick up an estimated 650,000 cubic yards of storm debris - including vegetative debris and construction/demolition debris.

There will be two passes for debris clean up. While storm debris is being picked up, there will be no restrictions on the amount of debris that can be picked up and tree limbs for pick up can be up to 12-feet long. DRC will collect storm-related debris from street rights-of-way. Their initial focus will be vegetative debris along public streets in residential areas. Residents are asked to put out their storm debris by the curb as soon as it is ready for pickup. Vegetative debris must be separated from construction/demolition debris, bagged yard waste, bulky items, electronics, trash and recycling. If items are not separated properly, expect a delay in collection. For more information, call 910-332-6550.

In Wrightsville Beach, all Hurricane related debris must be adjacent to the street by October 2nd. The Town’s debris removal contractor will begin picking up this debris on October 3rd. Any debris placed beside the road after the contractor has passed by your home will be charged to the homeowner based on the Town’s current fee schedule.

• Debris should be separated in 3 separate piles: Mixed piles will not be picked up.
• Yard Waste (trees, limbs, leaves, etc.) Large limbs should be cut in sections no larger than 8 feet
• Construction Debris (lumber, sheetrock, siding, shingles, flooring, furniture, mattresses)
• White goods (washers, dryers, ac units) All food waste should be removed and doors removed.
• All perishable food items should be placed in plastic bags (tied) and deposited in the Town’s green trash container for collection.
• Loose yard debris, such as leaves, should be placed in paper bags.
• If you are located on a private street or in a private community, all Hurricane Debris must be brought to the nearest public Right-of-Way. The Town will not be reimbursed from FEMA for removing debris from private streets. Normal dumpster service with domestic trash only will continue to be serviced.
• No hazardous chemicals or paint will be accepted. Further information will be updated when New Hanover County Hazmat Wagon returns to their normal Wednesday service.
• TVs, computers, computers screens (E-debris) will have to be disposed of as Hazardous Waste and not mixed with any other debris.
• Sandbags can be delivered to the Town’s Public Works office for re-use in another storm
• Do Not block fire hydrants or place debris on water meters.
• Do Not block storm drains and keep debris out of the roadway.
• Keep all debris away from power poles, guide wires, cable and phone boxes.
• Do not block your neighbor’s driveways or mailboxes.
• Do not place vegetative debris in your green trash cart.

If you have any further questions regarding Hurricane Florence debris pick up, please contact the Public Works Department at (910) 256 – 7935.


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