Town Council Approves New Trash, Recycling Contract

Town Council Approves New Trash,  Recycling Contract

Town Council Approves New Trash, Recycling Contract Featured

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CAROLINA BEACH -  The Carolina Beach Town Council approved awarding a solid waste and recycling contract to Waste Industries during their November 13th, meeting.

Currently Waste Industries handles trash and recycling pickup for both residential and commercial Carolina Beach utility customers.

According to Interim Town Manager Ed Parvin, "Staff has reviewed and summarized the two proposals for waste management" and, "The Town requires that the contract start on January 1, 2019 in all respects and shall be performed satisfactorily until December 31, 2024, however, Budgets and Statistical Reports will be conducted on a July 1st – June 30th fiscal year basis and billings to the Town will be on a monthly basis starting the 15th of each month."

Parvin said earlier this week that Town staff are recommending Council approve a contract with Waste Industries.

Another company named Pink Trash/Coastal Ladies Carting, submitted a proposal to the Town to obtain the contract for solid waste management.

The proposal from Waste Management totaled  $84,697.11 per month.

The proposal from Pink Trash totaled $106,891.75 per month.

Parvin explained in a memo to the Mayor and Town Council earlier this week, "Waste Industries and Pink Trash both have a very respectable reputation and presence within their professional fields. Based upon the bids provided by both companies, and the level of service attained through the current solid waste contractor, it is Staff recommendation to award the Waste and Recycling Management contract to Waste Industries. The costs savings is substantial with monthly residential rates of $14.03 for Waste Industries compared to $19.00 for Pink Trash. As the comparison analysis indicates, the new Waste Industries rates based on our current pricing structure will represent over $20,000 monthly savings over Pink Trash and almost $30,000 monthly savings from the current Waste Industries rates."

Pink Trash states on their website, "Inspired and determined to make a difference in our community we are focused on saving local lives through a 1% contribution of our commercial and residential customers invoice that pays for cancer treatment for local women and men. Since 2011 we have paid for over $1,000,000 in life saving cancer treatment for local families, friends and neighbors."

President and local resident Kelly Buffalino is a breast cancer survivor herself.

During the Council's November 13th, meeting Councilman Steve Shuttleworth explained, "When we originally a number of years ago went with the blue barrels to do the recycling and we went for a separate line item cost on that with Waste Industries, the sale was that it would reduce our tipping fees on trash and that we should start to see some benefit to the community on the fact that we are recycling and the tipping fees that charged by" the New Hanover County Landfill, "Aren't as mush to Waste Industries which is a pass through. And we were never able to get a real answer from them what the financial benefit as a community for us recycling and having those blue barrels out. I'm wondering if that came up in the discussion at all this time?"

Interim Town Manager Ed Parvin explained, "I do remember having those discussions and we can bring that back up and look at those tipping fees again."

Shuttleworth explained, "As we work harder and harder as a community to recycle and work on that benefit environmentally, the idea was there was also an opportunity to receive the financial benefit from Waste Industries as a pass through because we are paying the tipping fees. If we  are not paying as many tipping fees, our residents should get the benefit."

Councilman JoDan Garza said, "The $22,000 per month difference between those two comes out to $264,000 dollars a year. A little over a million in four years. As much as I like Pink Trash, I don't want our residents having to put that much of a bill."

Councilman Tim Bridges said, "I agree with him. I was hoping we would have a good bid from Pink Trash, but you look at the numbers and they just are not big enough to support that obviously. Maybe a few years down the road they can but right now I think this is the best choice, Waste Industries."

Council member Leann Pierce explained, "I like both companies and I think they both had a lot to say. I'm sure Pink Trash would have done a good job but I think Waste Industries has done a good job and I like the money."

The Council voted unanimously to award the five year contract to Waste Industries.


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