Green is where the Heart Is for December 20th, 2017

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“To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ~ Thomas Campbell

By Mo Linquist
Contributing Writer

It is near the shortest day of the year, December 21st and as the days continue to get darker earlier, a bit of melancholy sets in for me.  During this most yin time of year, it is quite common to become introspective, reflecting on the year gone by and wondering how long it will be before the warmth of the sun returns.  
I cannot stop thinking about my friends and family of friends who have left the earth plane this year.  Robin leaves for PA as her mother, hospice close at her side, passed.  Patti drives north as the opioid epidemic unexpectedly claimed her nephew, age 33.  Here on our island a good man’s wife died after battling a lifetime illness.  Another good man lost his wife in a freak accident.  Christmas will be different for these folks this year.  The season will be neither merry nor bright.  Sadness and tears and grieving will rightfully take precedence over merriment.  I want to acknowledge that.  For some, it is the time to grieve.  It is the darkest day of the year.  Peace be with you.  
Fortunately, life will continue. The light will slowly return. During this season traditions around the globe celebrate that light. Hanukkah is the successive lighting of eight lights.  Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, light of the world, “Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12. Over the course of seven days, African Americans, families and friends, come together to light the candles that symbolize their past and future—and their unity during the celebration called Kwanzza. Before missionaries brought the idea of baby Jesus to Northern Europe, the Norse Goddess Frigga was said to have birthed her son ‘the young sun’ Baldur symbolizing giving birth to the light in darkness. Horas was born in Egypt. Mithras in Persia and Amaterasu in Japan, gods and goddesses of light born throughout the world during the winter solstice bringing hope and a promise of the return of the warmth and light of the Sun in the New Year.
Legacy is the gift you leave this world.  Whether you are one to rush through a mall to pick out gifts or click on Amazon, gift buying need not be overwhelming.  I was thinking back about all the gifts I have received over the years.  The ones that mean the most to me are not the ones that were the most expensive.  They were the ones that were given from the heart.  Most were made by hand, with creativity and love.  These are my prized possessions.  They made the cut when moving to our new home.  What is your legacy?  How will people remember you?  The greatest gift you can give a loved one is telling them what makes them special to you.  That is a gift that will remain in their hearts forever.  xo mo
Kure Beach resident Mo Linquist, Master FSIA, Red Ribbon Professional of IFSG and allied ASID is a recognized expert on Pyramid Feng Shui. She is the “ PersonPlace” design consultant specializing in soft goods such as fabrics, window treatments, reupholstery, blinds, shutters, feng shui and green healthy living products.  Her design studio is located in Carolina Beach Furniture, 1021 Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC.   Linquist speaks nationally and holds regular workshops and accredited trainings on this ancient form of environmental psychology. Helping clients create home and office spaces designed specifically to support their individual goals and intentions, Linquist uses cutting-edge techniques integrating science, 30 years of interior design experience and Feng Shui to balance, harmonize and create new patterns for success. To learn more about her work or for a consultation, contact her at FaceBook at Mo Linquist Living Solutions or call 910-216-0366 local or 330-904-3636 mobile.


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