Hardware Tip of the Week: Inspection Mirrors and Saving Face; Protect The Wood

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Ever wish you had super powers (like x-ray vision) so you could see inside things?
To some extent, you can. Pros use a handy tool called an inspection mirror.
When you add one to your toolbox, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Inspection mirrors are used by all sorts of trades. HVAC folks use them to inspect inside furnaces, to look up flues and deep into ductwork. Plumbers inspect burners and pilot lights on water heaters.
Television and appliance repairmen use them to spot problems before major dis-assembling. And painters use them to see the bottom side of work like the underside of doors and fence pickets to make sure paint coverage is complete.
With an inspection mirror and flashlight, you'll feel like a super-hero -- able to see in, around, under and behind things. When you're ready to hammer and nail in the trim, you'll want to protect where the nails go into the wood. Here's how you can put a shield in place.
When nailing decorative molding or any type of milled woodwork or painted trim, don't let a mis-guided hammer blow ruin the surface. Instead, protect it with a simple homemade shield. To protect decorative trim from  wayward hammer strikes, cut
a piece of pegboard a few inches square. Then start the nail in with a few light taps.
Slip one of the holes in the peg board shield over the nail head and hammer away with gusto.
You can do this without fear of damage should your aim waver a tad.
Once you've driven a nail as far in as possible, lift off the shield and finish the job with a nailset.
Bonus Tips: Vacation:
Nothing ruins a great getaway like coming home to realize you’ve had unwelcome house guests. To help avoid being burglarized take the following pre-vacation steps:
1. Call the post office to stop mail and suspend newspaper delivery
2. Get a few timers to turn several lights, the TV or radio on and off during the day and night
3. If you have a second car, park it in the driveway
4. If you’ll be gone long, ask a neighbor to put some of their trash in your garbage cans
5. Ask a friend or neighbor to house sit by dropping by regularly and checking up on things and picking up junk mail and flyers that can accumulate. Remember to describe this house sitter to your neighbors, so burglars can’t claim to be house sitting and house sitters don’t get arrested.
6. If you have a baby monitor, leave the monitor with a neighbor and the base unit turned on at your home.
If the security or smoke alarms go off, or if your neighbors hear something they shouldn’t, they can immediately call 911.
Cooking Smell:
With all the cooking you’re doing this time of year, chances are pretty good that some of the odors may linger around the house. Here are a few simple ways to get rid of those annoying household smells.
• Place a pan of white vinegar on the stove and let it simmer for a while.
• Use lemon juice to remove fish, garlic and onion odors from utensils, pans, even hands.
• Odors from your garbage disposal can be eliminated by grinding up orange, grapefruit or lemon peels while running hot water.
• And don’t forget about the odor-absorbing magic of baking soda. For nasty spills and odors inside your fridge or freezer, wash it out using a sponge or cloth and a solution of 2 tablespoons baking soda to 1 quart warm water.
And keep a box of baking soda in the fridge or freezer to soak up new odors. Baking soda also helps keep kitchen drains odor free.
About once a week, toss a handful of baking soda down the drain and let the warm water run.


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