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Girl Scouts Celebrate Earth Day thanks to Island Men

Girl Scouts in Troops 867 and 901 would like to thank the Island Men for their generous donation to our troops which was used to fun our annual Earth Day Celebration on Wednesday, April 27th.  The girls created their own fairy gardens to keep and care for at home.  Everyone's garden was different and celebrated each girl scouts' individuality and creativity.  The girls also played Earth Day bingo and created a SWAP.  SWAPs (special whatchamacallits affectionally pinned somewhere) are small keepsake crafts that represent a special activity or event in scouting.  
They are a long standing tradition and our girl scouts enjoy pinning their SWAPs to a hat they can wear.  Each Girl Scout signed a pledge and committed to do three things to protect our Earth.  Some of the actions the girls pledged to take included: turning off the lights when they leave the room, using reusable water bottles and shopping bags, taking shorter showers to save water, and doing more of their shopping locally on the Island.  We ended our meeting with a sweet treat, ice cream sandwiches!  
As Girl Scouts, each girl promises to make the world a better place and we enjoyed celebrating Earth Day 2016 by spending time thinking about how each of us can make a difference in the future of our Earth!

Cape Fear Flyer Coach teaches Track & Field Events to 1st Graders

Cape Fear Flyer Head Track & Field Coach Shawn McKee went to speak at Ms. Lookingbill’s 1st Grade Class this past Friday monring to talk to them about various Track & Field Events as well as being a Coach. Students were able to Run, Jump and Throw. Log on to for more information on Youth Track & Field.


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