Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue Takes 2nd Place at Regional Competition and Now are Gearing Up for Nationals

Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue Takes 2nd Place at Regional Competition and Now are Gearing Up for Nationals Featured

By / Life on the Island / Friday, 30 July 2021 18:14

Photos and Article By: Joy Shaver

On Tuesday, July 13th 2021, eighteen Carolina Beach lifeguards took a long drive from the island we all call home to Jacksonville Beach, Florida to compete in the 2021 South Atlantic Regional Lifeguard Competition against twelve other beaches. Making Carolina Beach proud, the guards took second place in the Small Beaches category (50 and below employed lifeguards), with almost all guards qualifying for the National Lifeguard Competition. 

Unbeknownst to many, lifeguarding is an international sport, where guards compete in different physical events which require stamina, strength, and skill. The Carolina Beach lifeguards honed their skills after training all summer long in the early mornings before heading out to guard. 

After training, nine male and nine female guards were chosen to represent the town in this competition. The men included Patrick Furbay, Hawthorne Hamm, Jaxon Hudson, William Parker, Eason Saffo, Kyle Stamper, Thomas Teeters, Davis Tidball, and Dupree Zumbro. The women included Hannah Bieler, Brenna Divoky, Maria Fernandez, Kinsey Ginsberg, Mia Hulgin, Aubrey-Ella Hyldahl, Brynn Jewell, Joy Shaver, and Elizabeth Teeters. Carolina Beach ended the competition with a total of 226.25 points with each guard averaging about 12.57 points each. 

On Wednesday, July 14th, our guards competed in the Beach Relay (an 100 meter sprint with four people), Paddle Board Relay (comprised of three paddlers), and the Taplin Relay (comprised of a paddler, surfskier, swimmer, and runner).  

In Beach Relays, the men’s team, comprised of Hamm, Stamper, Saffo, and Hudson, took first place, sending them directly to Nationals and making them Regional Champions. Women’s Beach Relay Team, comprised of Bieler, Divoky, Fernandez, and Shaver, swept third place, sending them to Nationals, as well. 

In the Paddle Board Relay event, our men’s team, comprised of Thomas Teeters, Tidball, and Parker, took 4th. Our woman’s paddle board relay, comprised of Ginsberg, Hulgin, and Elizabeth Teeters, took second, sending them to Nationals. 

In the Taplin relay, both our men and women’s team placed in the top five. Our men’s team, comprised of paddler Parker, swimmer Furbay, surfskier Tidball, and runner Thomas Teeters, took 4th place. Women’s Taplin team, comprised of paddler Elizabeth Teeters, surfskier Hulgin, swimmer Jewell, and runner Shaver, took 5th place. 

On Thursday morning, July 15th, the events included the 2K Beach Run, Surf Race (a swim event), Run-Swim-Run, and Board Rescue Race (an event wherein one person swims out and the second rescues them on a paddle and brings them into shore) all before lunch! 

Stamper and Shaver both placed in the 2K Beach Run. Stamper swept first place, making him a Regional Champion. Shaver placed 8th in the 2K run and was the first barefooted runner across the line.    

The Surf Race brought to light three of Carolina Beach’s finest swimmers: Furbay, Elizabeth Teeters, and Jewell. Furbay placed 6th in the Men’s Surf Race. Elizabeth Teeters swept 1st place with a great sprint across the finish line, and Jewell scored 3rd place. 

The Run-Swim-Run event, completed by those who had already competed in several events immediately beforehand, was also very successful. Furbay took second place in men’s and, in women’s, Elizabeth Teeters also took second place, Jewell took 4th, and Divoky took 9th.

In the Board Rescue Race, we had two men’s and two women’s teams place in the top ten. Furbay and Parker placed 5th, and Thomas Teeters and Zumbro placed 7th. In Women’s, Elizabeth Teeters and Hulgin placed first with an incredible lead, and Jewell and Ginsberg placed 5th. 

Thursday afternoon brought the Paddle Board Race, Rescue Race, International Ironman and Ironwoman, and Beach Flags. 

The Paddle Board race brought out the sibling duo of CBOR with both Thomas Teeters and Elizabeth Teeters taking first place in the paddle board race making them regional champions. In the Men’s Paddle, Parker also placed 6th, and, in the women's paddle, Ginsberg took 6th place, and Hyldahl took 7th. 

In the Rescue Race, both our men’s and women's teams placed second. In men’s, Furbay, Thomas Teeters, Hamm, and Tidball placed second, and, in women's, Elizabeth Teeters, Jewell, Hulgin, and Fernandez placed second. In the Women’s Rescue Race, Ginsberg, Hyldahl, Divoky, and Bieler came in 10th place. 

Tidball and Hulgin were two of our brave guards that competed in the International Ironman and Ironwoman. They went from a paddle straight to surfski then to a swim and then straight into a run. Tidball placed 8th in men’s and Hulgin placed 6th in women’s. 

Beach Flags, the very last event of the two day competition, ended with two of our female guards placing top ten. Hulgin placed 9th and Shaver placed 10th. 

In the wake of many Carolina Beach victories at this Regional Competition, Fernandez, a fifth year guard, reported that her favorite part of the competition was watching her fellow guards in action. She commented, “The younger guards are so excited to represent Carolina Beach and cheer on their teammates, as well as compete. It was good attitudes and hard work that made the medals come.” 

This August, our Carolina Beach lifeguards have the chance to represent our community at Nationals in Texas. To make this possible for our guards, Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue will be holding a fundraiser event at the Lazy Pirate where we will host a corn hole and volleyball tournament. All proceeds and donations will support the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue in being able to represent our Community at Nationals. Date of the fundraiser will be announced at a later date. Contact Captain Tony Wallace, head of the Ocean Rescue Department, for any questions on how you can help or give! 









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