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Island Vibes has a strong google rating, the following are a few reviews:  Michael C. “Fantastic setup for a variety of customers. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff can help point you in the right direction if you're not sure what exactly you are in the market for. Largest fine cigar selection in Carolina Beach/Monkey Junction/South Wilmington.”

Angad S. “Huge selection! Prices are very reasonable. I was recommended a few things I never tried before, great recommendations! Very friendly staff made my experience even better! Can’t wait to return to try new juices, disposable vapes and cigars.”

Magen P. “Carries a great selection of cigars and great owners. Happy to see my little island I grew up going to finally have a good vape shop on deck!”

Island Vibes is located at 915 North Lake Park Boulevard and open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am until 9:00pm and Sundays from 10:00am until 6:00pm.

Thursday, 26 August 2021 14:34

The Mermaid Castle

In November 2020 The Mermaid Castle made a huge move to their Masonboro Commons location at 6400 Carolina Beach Road in Monkey Junction, leaving the Carolina beach location. We did NOT leave to go out of business, on the contrary. We believed this move has allowed the team to better serve the area and community in a more centralized location. With parking becoming an increasing strain on tourists, locals, and employees at the beach, our move to the Masonboro Commons location boasts free and ample parking for everyone. The crazy summer traffic which hindered so many OTB locals from shopping at their favorite store is much more accessible now. The Mermaid Castle is incredibly thankful for the 10 years spent in Carolina Beach, and for all the love we have received over the years.

The Mermaid Castle still has one of the the largest selection of Sterling Gemstone Jewelry, Crystals, and Self Help tools in the Wilmington area. All of the jewelry and crystals are priced at below the typical retail price and every single one is hand picked by the owner, Terri, who has 35 years of expertise in working with Gems and crystal energies. There is thoughtful love and intention in every piece brought into the store, and the staff is thrilled to help everyone that comes in the door pick out a special piece. 

With all the craziness going on in the country consider keeping your money local, especially at a store like ours where we go above and beyond to make each customer feel comfortable, appreciated , and receive the best value for their purchase. We believe in freedom and self expression, as well as supporting our local community. We have Local Art, Decor and many other handmade items as well. The staff is very knowledgeable, and can help you find a gift for any season. Much more than others in the past, small local businesses are counting on the people in their communities to shop local. This year during the pandemic, big box stores have thrived, and unfortunately mom and pop shops are closing left and right. For small business owners, their stores are not just a business, it is an extension of who they are, and what they are passionate about. Supporting the local businesses within your community not only keeps those businesses alive, but keeps the communities they serve thriving, as well. When more money is spent in local stores, more money stays here!

When you come to shop at the Mermaid Castle you will not be bombarded with annoying sales antics and overly aggressive employees trying to make a sale, because we believe in building relationships and making shopping as stress free as possible for our guests. We want every customer to feel comfortable and relaxed while shopping all our beautiful offerings, because at the end of the day, we want to be building relationships with interesting conversations with heartfelt intentions. We are working on another Mermaid Castle in Elizabethtown, NC that will offer even more in Local Desserts, Art, and Gem Mining.

The Mermaid Castle is open year round, 7 days a week and active on Facebook @mermaidcastlecarolinabeach, Instagram @mermaidcastlecb. Website THEMERMAIDCASTLE.COM

Follow us for updates on sales and other fun happenings!

6400 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington NC 28412



CAROLINA BEACH, N.C., AUG. 23, 2021 — A partnership of longtime Cape Fear residents with a history of thoughtful, high-standard development seeks community and stakeholder input on plans for The Proximity – a beautiful mixed-use community with a blend of residential, retail and office, all of which will be in keeping with the coastal design and character of the surrounding neighborhood. The Proximity is planned for the long-vacant property located on Lake Park Boulevard and St. Joseph Street, adjacent to Publix Commons at Federal Point.


“My partners and I are excited to begin what we believe is the most important component of a high-quality project – engaging in productive dialogue with community members who have insights and ideas that will add value to our planning efforts,” said Brian Eckel, partner with GHK Cape Fear Development. “We are eager to collect feedback and work with the community to ensure that The Proximity is the best project it can be. We are grateful for the preliminary comments from the Technical Review Committee and Carolina Beach citizens, and we have made meaningful changes to improve the walkability and bike-pedestrian friendliness of the plan.”


As planned, The Proximity will be a true community asset, providing year-round housing options, connectivity, restaurants and retail, all while seamlessly fitting into the surrounding neighborhood. Unparalleled amenities will include a resort-style pool, pet grooming, clubhouse, fitness center, bike storage, golf cart charging stations, parks and greenspace. Additionally, the developer has a history of attracting top restaurant brands to its other developments and expects to do the same at The Proximity.


“This project provides a unique opportunity to enhance the lifestyle offerings in the community with a vibrant, walkable and bikeable neighborhood lined with top-notch restaurants, retail, amenities, parks and greenspace” continued Eckel. “This is an important piece of property for the Carolina Beach community, and we are committed to collaborating with neighbors and stakeholders to move forward together on a development that will make the community proud.”


Just as GHK Cape Fear Development worked closely with the community on the adjacent Publix Commons development, it is committed to working with neighbors every step of the way on this transformative project for the Carolina Beach community. GHK Cape Fear Development will be hosting a community Open House on the property on Aug. 26 from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. to gather input from neighbors and answer questions about the initial project plan. Carolina Beach residents and neighbors interested in attending the open house can RSVP via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Carolina Beach Planning and Zoning and Town Council will soon have quite a few major development projects to review. The Knot a seven-story multi-use project potentially set for the corner of HWY 421 and Carl Winner Avenue utilizing the former Sharkeis location and Carolina Beach Marina’s “Fishermans Lot.” The plan would possibly add 106 new residential units with commercial and residential units on the ground level and a residential rooftop bar and pool.

Currently Carolina Beach planning staff has been prepping a text amendment to accommodate a development proposed at the former, “Harris Teeter” site in the Highway Business zoning district. This project will potentially have the developer relocate the pump station on Winner and allow Winner Avenue access adding 300+ apartments with 15,000 square feet of commercial area on ground level. In an email to the town department heads, Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin stated, “The developers are pushing to get the text amendment and site plan approved prior to the election which means we will need to stay on top of this plan review.”

St. Joseph Street may soon see additional development between Waterview Place and Yacht Road possibly adding more high-end condominiums. Town staff will be busy reviewing potential possibilities and will have plenty to review in the coming months.


I want to communicate with you on the importance of our emergency services. Our Police and Fire Dept. respond with critical speed to all emergencies and this time of year there are many per day. These brave men and women get to those in need in less than three minutes of the call.  Much of it associated with the beach or beach front visitors.  It is imperative that we keep our vehicular paths thru K Ave. heading east as clear as possible. Oversize trucks should not be on the South side of K. Ave., during a major emergency many of could be destroyed by the fire trucks if they block emergency access. That can also put our service vehicles out of commission. I am asking that you tell your neighbors, that Realty Companies tell their guests that parking too far out on the road or with front wheels on the sidewalk will be ticketed. This is about safety for our residents and our guests.

Another point, underage individuals driving golf carts is illegal. To drive the street legal carts that are registered with plates you must have a license. This is true for every street, not just Fort Fisher. Most recently an underage driver went through a stop sign and almost collided with a volunteer fireman heading to an emergency. That could have been a disaster for a child and a family, as well as for the fireman should that underage driver been hurt or killed in an accident.  

We want our residents and guests to enjoy the beauty of this location and the atmosphere of our town, however, common sense and thoughts of safety must prevail.


Craig Bloszinsky 

Mayor Kure Beach 


Friday, 30 July 2021 19:03

To My Friend Rose

Thank you for being my friend. It meant more to me than you’ll ever know. You were one of the first people I met when I first came to Carolina Beach, a ray of sunshine. It was always the simplest things that made you happy, which did not take much. Never did I see you frown, but always smiled.  I will always remember our lunches together on the boardwalk eating tacos, something we did regularly. We had some great times laughing, sharing stories, and just hanging out. I will especially remember all the car rides to church with you and Spiegel. It always amazed me how you were always willing to give to others, even when you had so little. The love you had was never ending. But I think my fondest memory of you will always be the joy you had singing, dancing, and playing the tambourine at church. You had a love for Jesus, a childlike faith, something very rare, and it touched my heart. It’s the simplest things in life that makes a person feel loved, and you gave me that. Until we meet again my friend, keep dancing for Jesus, in your own special way.



April L. Williams

Friday, 30 July 2021 19:02


Folks on Pleasure Island knew her simply as “Rose.”  I met her at the Carolina Beach Dog Park where she was a regular visitor with her forever friend, Speagle the Beagle.  They stayed with friends at various locations on the Island over the years.  When a bed was unavailable, they slept in her car, which was packed solid with life belongings and memories.  That’s where she died last Saturday.

She struggled with wounds from her past, but never allowed those to define who she was.  She was fiercely independent and resilient.  She had a big heart and an easy smile that touched the many people with whom she had contact.  Businesses and Churches on the Island opened their doors to her and Speagle.  She lived life to the fullest.  Our redbone coonhound Kirby, learned to recognize her car on our walks and early morning trips to the Dog Park.  She seemed to always have an extra treat for him. 

Christmas morning 2019 we got to the Park early to find a message written on a pizza box:  “Blessed Morn!!!  Until I see everyone again Joy, Peace, Doggie Love to all!!!  Thanks for caring for me and Speagle-Dog as we are.”  It is a sobering lesson in relationship and empathy that no text book can ever teach.

When her car died last year, Rose used an old bike to get around towing Speagle in a child’s trailer.  After she lost a wheel on the trailer and it was beyond repair, a restaurant owner donated money for a new trailer.  She took advantage of many opportunities to share gifts with folks she cared for.  I have a coffee cup that says:  “Life is better with a furry friend.”  When she found out my wife was looking to buy a horse, a small plastic version was left on the hood of my truck.

After a prolonged absence from the Park, she showed up last fall and her legs were more swollen than usual.  I talked to her about much needed assistance and put the word out to the Social Work community in Wilmington.  I received an overwhelming response and phone numbers for her to call.  I assisted her with making some contacts, but fears of losing her independence and Speagle prevented her from choosing permanent housing.

My hope is she died peacefully with her car pointed towards the ocean.  But, like most poor, homeless people she was entitled to a better fate.  Empathy and compassion can make that happen.  They are a bridge to acceptance and what it means to be fully human in America – “as we are.”


John Shalanski


821 Fort Fisher Blvd. N.

Kure Beach, NC 28449


Stay informed by signing up for CodeRED, a smartphone app now used by the Town of Carolina Beach. This communication system sends out important notifications and critical information related to hazardous weather conditions, evacuations, boil water notices, Freeman Park closures, flooding, bridge and road closures, accidents, and more.

The application is free and can be downloaded on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.  Residents and property owners, get notified and stay informed-click on the link below to sign up today: https://public.coderedweb.com/CNE/en-US/BFC01079E61E

Friday, 30 July 2021 19:00

Coastal EcoExplorer

Before you spend your day exploring Carolina Beach State Park, download the app below. Created by Coastal EcoExplorer. What is Coastal Eco Explorer? This pioneering app combines biological education, outdoor exploration, and mobile navigation to create a fun and engaging park experience at Carolina Beach State Park.

Please visit their website @https://uncw.edu/ed/coastalecoexplorer to learn more about this exciting Team and program!


And remember - Two State Parks, One Island

Friday, 30 July 2021 18:54

Carolina Beach Monthly Workshop

This past Tuesday the Carolina Beach Town Council met for their monthly morning workshop. Agenda items included employee recognition, manager’s update, Finance Director’s update and the possibility of a new onboarding process to be implemented for oncoming council members suggested by Council member JoDan Garza. The meeting started off smoothly with only three residents outside of staff and council in attendance.

Fire Chief Griffin introduced the new Beach Patrol team and the towns building inspector, Darrell Johnson was recognized as building inspector of the year for the NCBIA. The Carolina Beach Town Manager shared his updates that included letters being sent out to the properties on Canal Drive that the town’s committee has addressed as flooding issues, legislative changes in beach renourishment, and the American Rescue plan. Finance Director, Debbie Hall shared her updates starting with the Wilmington Beach Assessment, sales and tax use, property tax collections and then onto Percentage Increase/ Decrease Between FY 20 and FY 21 where Council Member Steve Shuttleworth quickly pointed out that Wrightsville Beach was making a significant more amount of money in parking with less spaces and the same exact parking rate. Town Manager Bruce Oakley acknowledged the town needed to review their parking program and those issues will be addressed in the September meeting. After Hall shared the General Fund Expenses update, Council Member Steve Shuttleworth again noticed a discrepancy in both the 2019 and 2020 budget where the town spent approximately $2.1 million less then what had been budgeted an it appeared that extra revenue should have went back into the general fund. Shuttleworth addressed Oakley directly stating, “for the last 2 years Bruce we should have added 4.2 something million dollars to the general fund?” Oakley responded, “it’s the way it looks.” Hall added, “this is just showing you the budget and the expenditures this isn’t showing the revenue piece against that.” Shuttleworth again said if you saved over $2 million in expenses, we should have seen that on the last budget, “it doesn’t add up, we are required by the state to provide a balanced budget.” Oakley said, “they would get something prepared and present it to the next meeting.” Collectively Mayor Pierce, and Council members Shuttleworth and Garza shared the presentation did not add up and they would need more updated information at the next meeting.

The final agenda item, “onboarding new council members” was an idea shared by Council Member Garza to create a smooth transition for the newly elected officials. The concept would provide a workshop prior to their first 2022 meeting with an introduction to staff and department heads and explanation of key points including how does the general assembly work, HR forms, ROT, area history and more.

 Shuttleworth stated, “I appreciate your effort on this JoDan, but I would tell ya any body that is running for town council, other then getting their swag and showing their office, better have spent some time figuring out these things.” He went onto say, “I don’t know how you can a credible opportunity and expect people to vote for you. I am not going to vote for someone who doesn’t do their homework.”

Council Member Garza, agreed candidates should do their homework but the process would be for the “betterment of the town.” Mayor Pro Tem Jay Healy agreed with Shuttleworth echoing candidates needed to do there homework and, “its their responsibility.” Councilman Garza continued that “the vision is ultimately is bettering our community.” Staff will present a orientation program to present to council the next meeting.

In the non-agenda items, Council Member Garza brought up HB 781 that would allow for the possibility of open containers within a district and that he would like to have a discussion. Council Member Shuttleworth, asked when he would like to have the conversation and Garza responded, now. Shuttleworth shared he did not support the bill and his view was that open containers in the downtown Boardwalk would be problematic and he personally would not support opening the Boardwalk area to people walking around with open containers. Garza brought up COVID and it would support social distancing. Council Member Barbee and Mayor Pro Tem Healy both shared much more public discussion was needed and neither would take a position yet.






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