STARZ series, Hightown, will be filming in the downtown area on Wednesday, May 18th. They are filming at two private property locations, but there will be impacts to traffic and parking throughout the day Wednesday. A summary of the impacts to public property is provided below. 

Wednesday, May 18th 

Filming Location:

  • Seven Seas Inn 
  • Gravel lot at intersection of K Avenue/Fort Fisher Boulevard

Impacts to Public Property:

     Streets (no street closures but intermittent traffic control (ITC) surrounding both film locations in 5-minute increments)

  • 3-point ITC between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM near Seven Seas Inn at following locations:
    • Fort Fisher Boulevard and L Avenue
    • Atlantic Avenue and L Avenue
    • Atlantic Avenue between L and K Avenue
  • 4-point ITC between 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM around the traffic light at Fort Fisher Boulevard and K Avenue in all directions; stopping pedestrian traffic in additional to vehicle traffic during active filming for up to 5 minutes at a time

     Parking (close/utilize the following public parking spaces)

  • Atlantic Avenue North: 18 spaces near L Avenue intersection (adjacent to Seven Seas Inn)
  • L Avenue East: 3 spaces on south side (between Atlantic Avenue and entrance to Seven Seas Inn parking lot)
  • Fort Fisher Boulevard North: 5 spaces on east side (adjacent to Seven Seas Inn)
  • K Avenue East: 8 spaces on north side (adjacent to Bud & Joe’s SandBar)


  • Rental of Ocean Front Park facility from 8:00 AM through 10:00 PM on 5/18

We appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation in helping their work in Kure Beach run smoothly. Should you have any questions about the production, you can reach out to the location managers listed on their publication notice here

If you weren't able to attend the Kure-ous Reflections event at the Kure Beach Community Center on Saturday, April 9th you can still enjoy the presentations that were a part of this historical event. Click the links below to watch a video of each part of the event.  

Kure-ous Reflections Event Recap: History came alive at Kure-ous Reflections Panel Discussion on Saturday, April 9th from 10:30 AM through 12:30 PM at the Kure Beach Community Center. Select students from the Carolina Beach Elementary School 3rd Grade entertained the audience with their art and essay projects detailing a vision of Kure Beach 75 years in the future. The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society transported visitors back in time with a historic photo presentation. A panel of long-time residents regaled attendees with memories from days gone by. An array of historic photos, documents, and artifacts were on display for a glimpse into the early days of Kure Beach.

Kure-ous Reflections: 3rd Grade Presentations: Select students from the Carolina Beach Elementary School 3rd Grade entertained the audience of the Kure-ous Reflections event with their art and essay projects detailing a vision of Kure Beach 75 years in the future.

Kure-ous Reflections: Federal Point Historic Preservation Society Presentation: The Federal Point Historic Preservation Society transported attendees of the Kure-ous Reflections event back in time with a historic photo presentation.

Kure-ous Reflections: The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Presentation: On April 9, 2022 at the Kure-ous Reflections event, Andrew E. "Punky" Kure was awarded The Order of the Long Leaf Pine. The Order of Long Leaf Pine is among the most prestigious awards conferred by the Governor of North Carolina. It is awarded to persons for exemplary service to the State of North Carolina and their communities that is above and beyond the call of duty and which has made a significant impact and strengthened North Carolina.

Kure-ous Reflections: Panel Discussion: Life-long residents of Kure Beach regale attendees of the Kure-ous Reflections event with memories from days gone by. The Panel consists of Punky Kure, Brenda Fry Coffey, and David Heglar.

This event was coordinated through the Kure Beach Community Center Committee, as part of the Town’s 75th Anniversary Celebration. 

At yesterday’s Town of Carolina Beach workshop just before department heads shared their budgets, Town Manager Bruce Oakley addressed the Mayor and Council stating, “what you will see in their budgets when it comes to salaries includes a 7% market adjustment or cost of living increase, that’s what we were planning on when we started developing these budgets however since that time and staff started working on those we have seen almost all of our neighbors including Wilmington, New Hanover County, Wrightsville Beach, Brunswick County have all incorporated a higher cost of living increases or market adjustments. As one of your goals in the strategic plan was recruitment retention and we’ve seen it, we’ve seen, we’ve seen employees get picked off already, and other ones leaning toward that. I would Council if they would to consider during this presentation today, consider at least exploring the opportunity to change something. We have come along as staff as a change to the 7% and have a tiered system with a 8% increase for department head level type positions, 9% for in-between and a 10% for the lower-paid employees for the Town. We are running the numbers and if something could be done because these other places have done it immediately knowing that they are losing employees, we would request you council would consider doing it as soon as possible so we can implement that to get, make sure we don’t lose the employees. 

Mayor and Council discussed neighboring communities and their recent requests. After each Department shared their proposed budget changes that included 3 new employees at an estimated cost of around $270,000 per year Oakley asked the Mayor and Council “I didn’t know if you wanted to circle around the what we talk about pay increases.” He went on to say “we have issues with losing officers but I also know from the department heads down they’ve been tried to be picked off. If not every one of them, it’s not just the police department that’s facing these battles we’ve got department heads that are being actively recruited to leave and at some point, that money will talk.” Mayor Barbee made a motion “to proceed with staggered salary increase plan the Bruce said with the broken in to pay grade scales of 8%, 9% and 10% holding the 8% until July 1st doing the others effective June 1st. The motion was backed unanimously by council who heard “terrible” come from the audience. Mayor Barbee stated he didn’t think it was terrible to pay our employees so you can call it what you want. Councilwoman LeCompte asked to make a comment about the increase stating “as someone who owns a business and knows how hard it is to find employees right now. Everybody is having to increase what we pay our people in order to retain our good people….retention is one of our highest priorities, especially with knowledgeable people.” Matt Dunn addressed Mayor and Council from the crowd stating the “terrible” comment was not made about the pay increase for town employees, it was because Mayor and Staff were once again making a decision at this caliber without public discussion at a workshop and not a regular town council meeting as an actual agenda item. 

Councilman Healy stated it’s not terrible to vote at a workshop at all. Mayor Barbee added, “I’m gonna stop this debate because it’s going to get out of hand real quick.” 

The Carolina Beach Town Council will hold a budget workshop on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. in the Town Council Chambers located at 1121 North Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach. Town staff will hold a Budget Open House for the public to review the proposed FY22/23 budget on Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers.  The public is encouraged to attend.

The following is a press release from the town concerning the increase: During budget discussions at the April 26th Council workshop, the topic of paying competitive wages was mentioned as a concern of both Council members and management. Like other government agencies around the state, Carolina Beach recognizes that in order to attract and retain a quality workforce, focus must be given to the current economic climate. To combat record inflation and bring pay scales up to market average, Town Council voted unanimously to 

approve a one-time market rate salary adjustment for all employees. Effective June 1st, employees in pay grades  12-17 will receive a 10% pay increase, while those in pay grades 18-26 will receive a 9% increase. Staff that are in pay grade 27 and above will receive an 8% increase effective July 1st. By bringing pay rates in line with the current market, the Town is positioning itself to remain competitive within our neighboring communities.  The Town’s Salary Grade Pay Plan can be found online in the Human Resources section of our website at:  https://www.carolinabeach.org/government/departments/human-resources/classification-compensation. If you have any questions, please contact the Town Manager’s office at (910) 458-2994. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2022 14:06

Lack of Potties Raise Stink

Complaints about the lack of porta-potties have reached the Carolina Beach Town Council concerning the removal of the facilities at three beach accesses. At yesterday’s workshop, Councilman Joe Benson discussed possibly adding them back to Tennessee, Ocean, and Texas. Town Manager Bruce Oakley told Council that cleaning them became a safety issue and a financial issue. Mayor Pro Tem Healy asked how many bathrooms the town had in which he was told there were 5 public bathroom facilities. Mark Meyer added maintaining the facilities was a hazard to staff and visitors; they were constantly vandalized and used as a trash can. Mayor Barbee compared adjoining towns with fewer facilities stating “for some reason in Wilmington Beach we have a public health crisis over bathrooms that we don’t have anywhere else on the coast, so I’m trying to figure out what’s driving the need.”  Meyer answered, “it’s not the need, it was the fact that we accommodated it.” Mayor Barbee and Councilman Joe Benson went back in forth comparing beach towns, the number of visitors at certain accesses, and bathroom locations. Councilwoman LeCompte asked how much to build a restroom and Meyer responded they were looking at every possible option in their legal realm. Councilman Hoffer asked how many were removed where he was told 3. Mayor Barbee asked to make a motion to leave the program as is the way we voted for it in February. Councilman Hoffer said he didn’t want to vote for anything. Councilwoman LeCompte added it was just a discussion today. Mayor Pro Tem Healy shared that if there is somewhere we need bathrooms it was at the Boardwalk. Most of Council agreed that portapotties were not the answer and that a better solution needed to be made. No action was made to return the facilities back to the previous locations. 

Quite a few emails were sent to Mayor and Council concerning the removal. Valerie Brockman “We live on Ocean Blvd and even though we’re kind of close to the house we do use them... visitors who have paid to park use them. Where do people go who might might need a real bathroom with toilet paper? They have paid to park and if they leave with the car they’ll lose their parking spot. People joke about using the ocean, but I’m sure you realize that’s not always an option with the different ways Mother Nature calls.” 

Monica Hayes shared, “My name is Monica Hayes and I have been a property owner in Carolina Beach since 2009 (1506 Swordfish Lane). Our property has been in our family since 1977, so we have experienced many changes such as being annexed to CB, going from gravel roads to paved roads, and enjoying the beach with a handful of families to hundreds of families. We love and take pride in Carolina Beach! 

My email to you is to voice my concern of the removal of porta john services on CB beach accesses from Hamlet Ave. to Alabama. My concern does not involve convenience but that of health and safety. CB provides paid parking at these accesses with most spaces being used by visitors taking day trips to the beach. With the porta john services removed, day visitors must search between a span varying 1.4 miles for a public restroom. Visitors will not want to drive to a restroom for fear of losing their parking space and will not want to walk because of the distance. This is where the health and safety issue arises because visitors will then use the ocean, beach or parking space as a restroom. This will not be sanitary in all aspects.” Stacey Dunn stated, “I feel the absence of portable restrooms will only lead to more pollution in our beautiful ocean and our beach community that we so proudly call home.” 

Patrick Conley emailed Mayor Barbee stating, “While some of us who live just a few minutes from a beach access will not be impacted immediately, this
decision seems to have more serious ramifications than just an inconvenience for beach-goers. Please reconsider this important financial decision based upon one single factor; the health and well-being of our visitors.” Paul Levy quoted former Councilman Macon in 2001 "Councilman Macon said he would like to see the beach accommodating as much parking and restroom facilities as possible toward the ocean so that people who are paying for that sand can enjoy it.. I can't say it any better. 

Bill Carew wrote Mayor and Members of Council Looking at Wrightsville, Sunset, Kure, and Holden beaches, Carolina Beach is right in line for the number of restrooms we provide at ocean access points. Please move past this absurd issue and stick with the original decision to remove the porta potties from access points. They are an unnecessary expense and on a hot afternoon, they generally smell disgusting. 

As a town we have way more important things in which to invest our me and money. We need to move on and quit catering to small groups of individuals that collectively become a tail wagging the dog.” Jan Bradish addressed the change stating “If the town is taking a poll, I would like the town to supply & maintain Porta Johns at several (if not all) beach accesses. I can't believe this decision was made without any warning to people expecting to be able to relieve themselves. We are promoting pedestrian traffic (biking & walking) on our island. Parking is limited & expensive. We need to have outdoor bathrooms.” 

Carolina Beach resident Jenni Battle sent an email saying “I just learned that the portal potties were being removed from the beach accesses. That on top of having already removed trash cans last season is really going to lead to a health and wellness issue. As a mom of young children with a decent walk back home if someone has to use the bathroom and nowhere to properly dispose of trash when coming off the beach I see this spiraling into a rather inhospitable reputation for CB. Add that on top of the current parking issues/complaints and I feel that we are going to be adding more and more reasons for tourists and locals OTB to come less and less / go elsewhere. While we are discussing bathrooms - the bathroom facilities at Mike Chappell need a do- over big time and I'd love to see the concessions stand operable. If local volunteer groups could help run it possibly; that would be great for those of us who spend 4 nights a week at the ballpark. Thanks again for your time and any help resolving these matters for the benefit of our town.” 

Mayor Lynn Barbee emailed both the town manager and attorney sharing “Once again our OPs committee chair (Paul Levy) has taken to social media. This is the source of the hours we have spent reading and responding to emails over portable toilets.” The email went on to share a lengthy post that was made to the Carolina Beach Locals Page: “Enjoying beach time today on the old Wilmington Beach side of CB as we have done for over 20+ years. Time came to visit the porta potty and discovered I would have to walk back to the house for a bathroom break which is very unusual this time of year. Emailed the town manager and his response shocked me. The town has decided to cancel the porta potty service due to costs! If CB offers paid public parking I feel a porta potty would be offered? It seems our taxes are increasing while town services are decreasing. Would like to know CB property owners thoughts on this decision....”
Facts (all facts concerning CB can be verified in CB Town Council minutes.)
The PortaJohns were first installed summer 2001 as part of the Wilmington Beach annexation. The small permanent bathhouse at Alabama was opened summer 2002.
It appears that the PortaJohns have been maintained by Town employees continuously from summer 2001 until late January 2022. It appears that service was performed by part-time summer employees through the 2014-15 budget year. After that, the part-time positions appear to have been converted to full time with the employees doing other jobs off-season when less bathroom service was needed.
Upon the recommendation of Town staff the Town Council voted at the very end of a January 2022 budget workshop to remove only the PortaJohns at beach accesses. They remain in Freeman Park and elsewhere. No discussion or rationale in the minutes of the meeting.
Since then, a few of us have spoken up both formally and informally with Town staff and Town Council members about the decision. I am now on the “bad” list along with a few others for being rather heated and angry in my argument - and it was an argument. Taxes up and services gone makes some taxpayers angry. OTOH Deb LeCompte and Joe Benson have been working on obtaining bids from an outside vendor to service all the PortaJohns, in Freeman Park, elsewhere in town, and returning them to southern accesses. Thanks to Deb and Joe for listening, caring and rethinking a decision that was made naively, without full information.  The personal and public health issues are obvious. The PortaJohns were the ONLY public restrooms for a 1.4 mile of beach between Hamlet and Alabama. A minimal bit of internet research shows that 700(!) prescription drugs have diarrhea as a side effect. Most of these are common drugs used by practically everyone at one time or another. No surprise, pregnancy, UTI’s, female incontinence issues and male BPH all cause an increased need to find a restroom. Even less of a surprise, beer, soft drinks, iced tea and distilled water cause an increased need. Women have sanitary products on top of the other issues. Small children, elderly and disabled people use the south end accesses - they are not confined to the Boardwalk area. 

We are constantly told that “other beaches don’t have....” We are not other beaches. Most of the other beach towns are a block or two deep with the homes clustered near the beach. The south side of town is 0.9 miles deep at Spartanburg and 0.6 miles deep at Croaker. People drive in from farther north, for example the Spencer Farlow area, a couple of miles away. Our population is not all clustered right on the ocean. And the south end gets plenty of day trip tourists as well, seeking to avoid the downtown crowds. WHAT ARE THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO USE THE SOUTH SIDE BEACHES SUPPOSED TO DO? Run back to their houses a half mile away? Get in a golf cart and drive a mile or more, losing their parking spot in the process? And what about the day visitors who pay $20 to park? They have literally nowhere to go to the bathroom. This is not like relocating trash cans from the sand to the parking lot. This is a complete removal of a necessary service. 

All of us property owners, whether full or part time residents, have paid plenty to buy here and saw huge tax increases this year. Short term renters, who provide the all important Room Occupancy Tax and summer sales and alcohol tax revenues, do not all cluster at the beach front. Many rental properties are far back from the beach on the south side. Recent Facebook posts from Town officials proudly proclaim how much all these tax receipts have grown (mostly due to the higher property taxes) yet the Town claims poverty when it comes to a minimal service like PortaJohns that has a maximum effect on residents and visitors alike. 

Unlike some others, I have no problem with the purchase of Freeman Park, repair of the marina, providing better restrooms at Hamlet and Mike Chappell, although I will rarely if ever use those areas. The improvements make for a better town. But it is simply unacceptable to claim poverty and remove the only sanitary facilities for 1.4 miles of beach, the single aspect of life here that everyone uses, when you have seen a huge increase in tax receipts, inflation worries notwithstanding.
A few voices in the wilderness will not be enough to get anything done. Some of the people on the Locals page have emailed the elected officials due to the original post. Please join them by emailing your dismay at this decision and request that the PortaJohns be returned to the beach accesses with a proper service contract. It’s our tax money. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. gets to all the Town Council, Mayor and Town Manager. Some of you may have a closer relationship with particular Town Council members. You may want to contact them individually as well. It only takes 3 votes for this decision to be reversed. I’d like to think, and certainly hope, that with enough community input it will be a 5-0 vote.
When the PortaJohns were first proposed in 2001, Town Councilman Macon said: “...he would like to see the beach accommodating as much parking and restrooms as possible toward the ocean SO THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE PAYING FOR THAT SAND CAN ENJOY IT.” We have the maximum parking, we have had massive development and now a massive tax increase - we need the restrooms returned like for the past 20 years.
Thank you for reading. Please comment NICELY to the Town Council.”

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC – Chair Julia Olson-Boseman and the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners will hold the 2022 State of the County address on Monday, May 2 at 4 p.m. as part of the Board of Commissioner’s regularly scheduled meeting. The address will be the first item on the agenda, and the community is invited to watch it virtually at NHCTV.com, on the county’s Facebook page, and on NHCTV’s cable station at Spectrum channel 13.  

Wednesday, 27 April 2022 14:01

Celebrating 150 Years…Arbor Day 2022

The Town of Carolina Beach and the town’s Beautification Committee will celebrate Arbor Day on Friday, April 29, 2022.  The main program will be at Carolina Beach Elementary School beginning at 9 am on the

playground of the school with the planting of a Live Oak tree.  The tree was donated by the Friends of Carolina Beach Parks and Greenways. CBES Fifth Grade students will participate by leaving rocks painted by each student during their art class at the base of the tree once planted.  The rocks, which were donated by the committee, represent one of the students’ legacies for the school as they move on to the

Sixth Grade next year.  Reading of the Mayor’s Arbor Day Proclamation and a short educational presentation on the meaning of Arbor Day and the importance of trees and their care will be part of the program. NHCO Schools Maintenance staff will actually prepare the planting area and plant the tree.

The second part of the celebration includes members of the Beautification Committee and volunteers meeting at the Lake at 2:30 pm and planting a few more trees including three more Live Oaks donated by the Friends of Carolina Beach Parks and Greenways.  No formal program is planned at this time, but if you would like to join in, come on down.  The slow growing trees are being planted in complement with the town’s Lake Park Master Plan.  As the trees mature they will provide beauty, shade, wildlife habitat, and erosion control.

Kure Beach Oceanfront Park will host the first “Boogie in the Park” of the Season this Sunday from 5:00pm until 7:00pm with “Uptown Easy.” On the first and third Sundays of each month through October the Kure Beach Recreation Department has a variety of live music lined up for this weather permitting event! Bring your beach chair or blanket and enjoy free, live music by the sea! No concert on July 4th or Labor Day weekends.

Uptown Easy embodies all of the intricate elements to create a special recipe for the perfect party band. Combining superior musicianship, great energy, lots of personality & all of your favorite songs, Uptown Easy strives to create the perfect soundtrack for your special event. Your guests will be engaged, amazed & ready to party from the very first note!

Kure Beach Oceanfront Park will host the first “Boogie in the Park” of the Season this Sunday from 5:00pm until 7:00pm with “Uptown Easy.” On the first and third Sundays of each month through October the Kure Beach Recreation Department has a variety of live music lined up for this weather permitting event! Bring your beach chair or blanket and enjoy free, live music by the sea! No concert on July 4th or Labor Day weekends.

Uptown Easy embodies all of the intricate elements to create a special recipe for the perfect party band. Combining superior musicianship, great energy, lots of personality & all of your favorite songs, Uptown Easy strives to create the perfect soundtrack for your special event. Your guests will be engaged, amazed & ready to party from the very first note!

Come out and support the Island Men at their Backyard BBQ Cook-Off! The fundraiser will be held this Saturday, April 30th at the Ft Fisher USAF Rec Area. Gates open at 11:00 featuring local and regional BBQ Teams competing for top honors. Live Music with some of Wilmington's top bands, The Phantom Playboys At 2:00, The South’s Tones, Beaches, and Boots Line Dancing. Over 25 local artisan vendors will be selling their wares and Cold Beer and a Selection of Wines for purchase. This is a Family Friendly Event benefiting a wide range of charities from our local Food Bank to organizations that help disabled veterans.

The Island Men is a local 501-C3 Charitable organization made up of over 100 men from all walks of life who live on or near Pleasure Island. “Our mission is to promote camaraderie among our members while raising funds with various activities throughout the year. These funds are used to “Help those in need and contribute to the overall quality of life on Pleasure Island.” The Island Men, with the support of the residents and visitors to Pleasure Island have had an excellent fundraising campaign this year and have continued to donate all over the Island. For more info follow the Island Men on Facebook! 

Mr. Jack Leroy Lynch, 86, passed away on April 23, 2022.

Mr. Lynch was born in Easley, SC to the late K.R. Lynch and Mary J. Lynch. He lived in Roxboro from age 6 until he graduated from Helena High School and then he volunteered for 4 years in the United States Coast Guard. He attended NC State University after USCG, but his heart always belonged to Duke University from a very early age. He and his wife, Tamsie, established an endowed scholarship plan at Duke in the athletic department.  They were avid Iron Dukes and enjoyed attending basketball and football games, as well as other Duke events.

He was very fortunate to have only one employer for his working life. He was with Telerent Leasing Corporation for 42 years prior to his retirement in July, 2001. Telerent grew from a small company in the early 1960’s, leasing only TV’ s to the lodging industry, to the largest single source provider of furniture, fixtures and equipment in the hospitality market. At peak, the company served approximately 20,000 properties. In addition, Telerent achieved 80% market share in Canada for hospital TV’s and 40% in USA healthcare market. Mr. Lynch was President and CEO from 1986 until retirement.

In addition to his parents, Mr. Lynch was preceded in death by his daughter, Deborah Stalvey.

Mr. Lynch is survived by his wife of 40 years, Tamsie G. Lynch and one brother, Tommy B. Lynch (Frances). Also surviving are 6 children, Greg Lynch, Kurt Lynch, Mallorie Lynch, Sunday McLean, Heather Black (Jamie) and Mal McLean; two nephews, Kevin and Brent. The family has been blessed with 31 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 3, 2022 at Watts Street Baptist Church with Pastor Dorisanne Cooper and Pastor Roger Underwood officiating. A private family graveside service will be held.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be directed to Watts Street Baptist Church, 800 Watts St., Durham, NC 27701.






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