The mission of this centennial celebration is to honor the past and present of Carolina Beach and to inspire its continued growth and prosperity into the next century. Tagline: Waves of the past carried on the tides of tomorrow.

At last night’s council meeting Carolina Beach Centennial Committee Chair, (amongst many other titles) Maureen Lewis shared, “How we chose- All Artists with ties to Carolina Beach (lived, worked, played, or stayed in CB) were encouraged to submit designs for consideration. I even had the opportunity to present this contest to the sports marketing students at Ashley High School. At the November 2020 CB 100 Committee meeting, all the submissions were numbered and put on display. Artist names were not visible. The committee then spent over an hour debating the merits of each design. We are so lucky to have such a gifted talent pool with 13 Adult submissions.

The committee narrowed the designs to 2 finalists and sent notes to the 2 Artists for some minor tweaks. After the revised logos were received, the committee then voted via email on their #1 choice. I cannot iterate enough how hard it was to choose because each submission was thoughtful, vibrant and exciting. We do plan to use all the submissions in some way throughout the Centennial. 

I am here today to ask you to please confirm your approval for the following

For the Adult Logo, Brent Myers is our winner. You may be familiar with some of Brent’s work- he as designed several of the Low Tide Run t-shirts. The committee appreciated that Brent kept the existing CB logo and designed around it- keeping true to our tagline.

For the Youth Logo, our winner is Giovanna Cannistraci-Ortiz, a 6-year-old who attends CB Elementary School. We appreciated G’s including all the things that she loves about CB in her logo- Venus fly trap, sun, surf and sand.

If approved, the Brent will be award $250, and Giovanna will be awarded $50 funded by the Island Arts Council. All submissions will be framed and ready to hang compliments of Skip Sprague and Tip Top Frames. The committee hopes the staff will hang all the artwork either in Council Chambers or in a public hallway for the community to view.

After your vote (if confirmed) we would ask Mayor Barbee if he would do the honors of presenting the checks to the to the winners.”

Mayor Barbee along with council unanimously confirmed the art as official logos. Special thanks to the Island Arts Council who generously funded the winnings given to the both artist.

Thursday, 13 January 2022 01:02

The Discussion of Year-Round Parking Continues

Last week I sat in on one of several parking roundtables that had been organized by each councilperson for small group discussions. Mayor Lynn Barbee, Town Manager Bruce Oakley and Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin were on hand at Councilwoman Deb LeCompte’s meeting to share why the new parking decisions were made, why the new company was chosen and answered any questions.

The argument is the Town of Carolina Beach can not be competitive in managing parking for leased lots if they do not charge year round. That private parking management companies rather then the town, would be more attractive to landowners when leasing their lots. If taxpayers didn’t want to see additional increases, the Town needed generate more revenue.  However what stuck out to me in the presentation is that roughly 8,000 residential, business, non-resident and weekly passes were sold last year for 800 town-managed spots. This gave the private sector that does not recognize Town Permits the chance to profit more because they do not accept town passes and can charge the highest rate. Mr. Jeff Reitzel who owns the Canal Parking Lot brought this up in an email to town staff stating,  “how does the city calculate separately the revenue generated by my loss when the adjoining City’s own lots are being rented? Also, the city sells yearly passes and many of locals frequent Stoked and the Marina so the income would be significantly reduced as compared to a parking lot more likely to be used by visitors.” This means 1. PIVOT and the Town have not secured leases on all their lots there for the projection of income is not accurate. 2. Private property owners know leasing through the town with their “Town Passes” affects their income tremendously.

After much discussion and many of the guest in attendance disagreeing with year round parking Mayor Barbee added in being out in the community the people he spoke with were 80/20 for year round parking, the guests quickly asked who he had spoken with adding the majority of people they had talked to were 80/20 against the year round changes.

We reached out to those in attendance for comment about how they felt the meeting went and here are the responses we received. “It was enlightening, but at the same time disappointing.  I think attendees had hoped the outcome would be a sense that Council consider putting the brakes on the situation until more info was gathered, particularly from the businesses regarding year round and employee parking. I’m not sure that was the case.” –Cindy Dunn.

“As an uninvited observer, I didn’t actively participate in the meeting. However, I did witness the Mayor spend an hour trying to justify the last Council’s decision to approve the new parking policy, including the move to approve year-round parking. From my seat, it wasn’t a good meeting for the Mayor. While the group at large expressed some appreciation for the format of the meeting, they also expressed frustration with the decision-making process. I think all the participants agreed these types of meetings should happen prior to Council voting on important topics. Keep in mind this was supposed to be a roundtable with discussion from a select group of participants, but that didn’t really materialize. A few sharp comments and questions were justifiably fired at the Mayor about the decision for the Town to move to year round parking, something that has already become a public relations nightmare for Carolina Beach. More than a handful of us at this meeting were also at the chamber workshop in November, when the decision was made to approve the 2022 parking policy. I don’t believe any of the participants at this meeting are in favor of the new policy. For the record, I’m not in favor of year-round parking. With input from stakeholders, we can do better as a town that relies on neighboring communities to support our businesses in the offseason. Charging for parking November – February will result in a minimal financial gain for the hassle it’s going to put everyone through. Transparency has run amuck in this case.” – Matt Dunn.

“I feel it was somewhat productive and very informative. I feel that I really do understand the parking lot situation and what they are doing where that is concerned. However I really hope they reconsider charging for spots on the street in winter and keep them free. I also like the idea of quick pickup spots in all year if that is even being considered. Also would support the Airbnb idea for parking, just don’t understand then logistics of implementation.” –Karen Graybush.

"A round table is a table which has no "head" and no "sides", and therefore no one person sitting at it is given a privileged position and all are treated as equals." - 

Wow! The meeting was anything but a "round table" meeting. It was frustrating and at times shocking.  Elected officials are to represent all constituents, not just the ones that agree with them.  We were even told that, "I can fill this room with people who will tell you all that you're crazy." I am very disappointed in the lack of transparency and respect.” –Melanie Boswell.

In an email to Councilwoman Deb LeCompte, Noel Stevens stated, “I really feel everyone is missing the mark on what people are upset about for parking. Unfortunately we had very little discussion of the actual impact of meter parking which I feel is more what people are upset about versus the lots.”

An online petition that can be found at change.org is circling the Internet asking council to “Stop Year Round Paid Parking at Carolina Beach!” The campaign created by Steve Johnson asks the Town to Stop paid parking after 5pm, allow Kure Beach residence to purchase parking passes, lower the citation cost to $50 instead of $100 and to “find a solution for parking for island employees.”

Town council was also flooded with emails sharing displeasure about year round parking with many noting the affects to local business owners, the off season being the time when those who make less income can even visit the Beach and asking council to resend their decision. Mayor LeAnn Pierce and Councilman JoDan Garza responded to many of the messages sharing they had voted against the decision agreeing it will hurt local businesses. In one response Mayor Pro-Tem Jay Healy stated, “it was not a easy decision and I think we need to back and adjust some details.” After asked for comment by WWAY Mayor Elect Lynn Barbee stated, Carolina Beach is making significant changes to our parking program with the stated goal of providing a consistent guest experience to our visitors and increase our competitiveness with our private vendors as well as other beach towns in Southeastern NC. There are more changes to come. It is my belief that our visitors will be pleased with the final product.”

After all the emails and tons of misinformation online, yesterday the Town of Carolina Beach sent out the following press release: “PAID PARKING CHANGES FOR CAROLINA BEACH IN 2022” Carolina Beach, NC - Changes are coming in 2022 to the Carolina Beach paid parking program. Listed below is detailed information explaining the updated costs, regulations, and effective dates related to the approved changes: Digital Parking Passes: The Town will use a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system to identify resident, property owner, and business owner/employee vehicles that are registered with the town and have paid for an annual parking pass. The annual parking pass will be digital; stickers/decals will no longer be used.

Sales begin January 10, 2022: Annual digital parking passes will go on sale January 10, 2022. They may be purchased in person at the Carolina Beach parking office, Town Hall, or online.

Who can purchase an annual parking pass? All Carolina Beach permanent residents, property owners, and business owners may purchase annual digital parking passes for $40 each. Vehicle registration and proof of ownership or residency is required (tax bill, lease copy, or utility bill with Carolina Beach address). Non-residents are no longer eligible to purchase annual parking passes.

How many annual parking passes can I buy? Full time residents and property/business owners may purchase an annual parking pass for each vehicle they own that is registered in Carolina Beach. Property owners that are not full time residents may purchase one annual parking pass for each listed property owner. For example, Bob and Judy Smith live in Clayton, NC and own property in Carolina Beach. Both of their names are listed on the tax bill/deed as owners of the CB property. Each owns a vehicle registered in their name in Clayton, NC. Both Bob and Judy can purchase an annual parking permit for their vehicle. Business Owner for business employees-Annual parking passes will no longer be sold to CB business employees; business owners will have the option to purchase annual parking passes for their employees and make changes at no cost to each pass as needed with turnover.

Year Round Paid Parking/Rates: Effective March 1, 2022, year round paid parking begins. Rates for public parking lots and metered spaces are as follows: March 1-October 31…………….8AM-8PM…………..$5/hour or $25/day. November 1-February 28 ……..9AM-5PM………..$2/hour or $10/day. Non-resident/visitor weekly passes: Non-residents/visitors may purchase digital weekly parking passes for $100 each.

Parking Violation Fees: $100 charge for parking citation. If not paid within 5 days, an additional $50 penalty will be added making total due $150. If not paid within 10 days, an additional $50 penalty will be added making total due $200.

Re-entry decals: Available to all permanent residents and property/business owners at no cost through March 31st.There will be a $20 fee for re-entry decals obtained after March 31st. Vehicle registration and proof of ownership or residency is required (tax bill, lease copy, or utility bill with Carolina Beach address). Available January 10, 2022 and may be obtained at the Carolina Beach parking office, Town Hall, or requested online.

Golf Cart/Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) Permits: May be purchased at the Carolina Beach parking office, Town Hall, or online. Residents and property/business owners may purchase golf cart permits for $60 each. Residents and property/business owners may purchase LSV permits for $40 each. Non-residents may purchase LSV permits for $100. Non-residents are not eligible to purchase golf cart permits. If you have any questions, please contact the Carolina Beach parking office at (910) 458-4614, or Town Hall at (910) 458-2999.

Monday, 13 December 2021 21:52

Conditional Zoning Awarded to the Vault

At the Town of Carolina Beach’s Workshop this past Tuesday, applicant JSL CB Properties LLC went before council for a Conditional Zoning permit “to consider a drinking and eating establishment classifieds as a bar to serve on-premises alcohol at the former First Citizens Bank location at 612 N Lake Park Boulevard.” Planning Director Jeremy Hardison shared with council the location met all set backs, conditional requirements of the district and the only concerns that were brought up during the Planning and Zoning meeting was potential loud music and noise. Hardison shared they would be subject to code enforcement during quite hours and the business met the criteria and met the Land Use Plan. Mayor Elect Lynn Barbee asked Hardison to explain to the public why they were seeing this at the Workshop in which Hardison replied, because of the election and the December meeting is more ceremonial for the new council to be sworn in and it is set aside for non-business activity which would cause another month of delays. The applicant, Jeff Hogan approached council to answer any questions in which Mayor Pro-Tem Jay Healy asked if it would be pet friendly and Hogan answered the location would be dog friendly. No one from the public shared input and the council voted unanimously for the approval.

We reached out to Hogan and he shared they will be utilizing the banks old drive-thru window and they are excited to share premium coffee, craft beer and wine and hope to be open by Easter but would be happy with May.

Monday, 13 December 2021 21:46

Freeman Park Permits Now Available

Early birds sales have begun for the 2022 Freeman Park Permit and now through December 31st are $110.  After the 31st permits will be $225 and no annual permits will be available for purchase after March 1. After the 1st only daily permits can be purchased costing $50 per day April 1st through September 30th and $30 daily October 1st through March 31st.

All passes must be purchased at carolinabeach.org and can be picked up the same day at both the Carolina Beach Parking Office located at 1708 Canal Drive in Carolina Beach Monday through Sunday from 9:00am until 6:00pm. Island Tackle and Hardware located at 801 North Lake Park Boulevard is still a pick up location but you must buy online and the pass will not be available for pick-up until the following day. You can only purchase one ticket at a time. Access passes are required year round for entrance to the park using a 4x4 vehicle, and must be displayed 24 hours a day. No refunds issued for any reason including but not limited to park closures or permit loss/theft. Annual Permits are valid from January 1st through December 31st.

From CarolinaBeach.org: “Residents and visitors have long enjoyed the beach area now known as Freeman Park. In fact, the area has become one of Carolina Beach's major attractions as it is one of the only beaches in NC that you can drive your 4X4 vehicle on. 

Whether coming to the area to swim, camp, fish, or go boating, crabbing or casting for minnows, people love Freeman Park. Visitors are drawn to the beautiful beach with its variety of wildlife, dunes and majestic sea grasses indigenous to the region.

Access passes are required year round for entrance to the park using a 4x4 vehicle, and must be displayed 24 hours a day. There are two types of access passes available: daily access passes and annual permits.

A Freeman Park Management Plan is in place to protect the environment and public interest in the Park and to discourage unauthorized entry onto adjacent private property.  If you plan on visiting the park please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations listed below.  Visitors are expected to be mindful of this natural wonder and respectful of fellow visitors. t is illegal to possess spirituous liquor and or fortified wine per NC General Statute 18B-301. No glass bottles. Visitors to Freeman Park should be considerate of others when using televisions, radios, stereos, musical instruments, generators or other similar items. Visitors should conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of other people in the park.

Dogs are allowed in Freeman Park ON A LEASH between April 1st and September 30th. Dogs are allowed in Freeman Park OFF LEASH between October 1st and March 31st so long as they remain under voice command and the owner is within reasonable distance of the pet. The owner(s) of a dog(s) who harm or cause offenses or damages to the public or deposits waste upon public land or property will be held responsible for such action and must immediately clean up the waste. Dog owners must carry a minimum of two plastic bags, or other suitable plastic or paper containers, that can be used to clean up and contain dog waste until it can be disposed of in an appropriate container. The bags must be produced and shown upon request.

Four Wheel Drive Vehicles Only - No All Wheel or Two Wheel Drive Vehicles Permitted. Speed limit at Freeman Park is 15 miles per hour. Please drive safely and be courteous to other motorists, pedestrians, and all other beach visitors. Riding on bumpers, tailgates or on the hoods of vehicles is strictly prohibited. Cutting circles (also known as “making doughnuts”) or otherwise defacing the beach is strictly prohibited.

No concealed weapons without a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit.  NC General Statute 14-415.23 and NC general Statute 14-415.11(C2) shall be enforced. Fireworks are not permitted at any time.

FIRES - ALLOWED OCTOBER 1st THROUGH MARCH 31st ONLY: The following regulations pertain to campfires from October 1st through March 31st. Campfires are not allowed April 1st through September 30th.

Major repairs of vehicles are not allowed in the Park or in the adjacent Municipal parking lots. Abandoned vehicles left unattended for more than 24 hours will be claimed by the Carolina Beach Police Department. Trailers or ATVs are not permitted in Freeman Park at any time.”

December 3, 2021—Carolina Beach, NC--- The Carolina Beach Mural Project today announced the themes for their Spring murals. Mural #9 and Mural #10 are commissioned opportunities open to all artists interested in submitting a proposal. The winning concepts will capture the spirit of Carolina Beach with a permanent installation on a public wall donated by a landlord.

Mural #9: Fun & Joy
The location of Mural #9 is 915 N. Lake Park Blvd, the home of local businesses such as Island Wellness Center, Island Oasis Salon & Spa and Salty Dog Yoga Studio. A little history about this space: This building was originally a popular roller-skating rink in the late 70’s- early 80’s. It was then turned into a beach bingo parlor and since has had many businesses within its building including a bike shop, used car lot, and Jeep rentals. We are giving very little direction to Artists in this RFP and hope that allows for even greater creativity. Expect to see this completed mural by early April. The deadline to submit proposals is February 15.


Mural #10: Cape Fear Kite Festival

This mural will celebrate the Cape Fear Kite Festival, an annual event that draws people from around the world to fly kites on the island. The location for Mural #10 is the Carolina BeachArcade located at 103 Carolina Beach Avenue North. A requirement for this mural is that it is to be painted in the Trompe L’oeil style (“trick of the eye”). The mural will be interactive—meaning visitors can pose in front of the mural and act as if they were actually flying a kite. Expect to see this completed mural by the end of April. The deadline to submit proposals is February 15.

The Carolina Beach Mural Project (CBMP) is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history and culture of Carolina Beach through murals. The Public Art commissioned by the Carolina Beach Mural Project is scattered throughout the commercial and boardwalk districts, creating a cultural destination for Carolina Beach residents and visitors to the island. 

For more information about CBMP, or to become a member, visit https://carolinabeachmurals.org/ or follow us on FB  @cbmurals and INSTA @carolina_beach_murals

Monday, 13 December 2021 21:43

O’Hanlon (Lonnie) R. Lashley

Lonnie Lashley, age 79, passed into God’s light in early morning on Dec. 4, 2021.  This strong, disciplined man often said that he had a great life, and he did.  He loved living and serving in Carolina Beach, where he has resided for the past 20 years with his wife, Linda.  He was surrounded by his wife and children, Robb Lashley and Haynes Diersing, during his last hours and died peacefully at home.

A graduate of Hampton High School, in Hampton, Va., where he starred in basketball, he spent most of his adult years in Virginia.  After a tour of four years in the U. S. Navy, he continued his service as a Department of the Army civilian, retiring as a computer project manager.  He met his first wife, Edwina, while working at the Pentagon.  After being selected for an Army computer training program at George Washington University, he later earned two associate degrees in Virginia’s community college system.

Lonnie enjoyed many years of retirement.  He found delight in volunteering to serve children as an after-school child-care aide and as an art class and physical education class aide at Carolina Beach Elementary School.  As a citizen of Carolina Beach, he served as a member of Parks and Recreation Committee and as a member of Town Council.

His life will be celebrated on Jan. 15, at 1:00 p.m., with a service and reception at Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 5820 Myrtle Grove Road.  Donations to children’s programs in his honor would bring him joy.

Monday, 13 December 2021 21:41

Island Women Annual Meeting

Last week the Island Women held their Annual Meeting at the American Legion. President Kay Belisle Rutkowski called the meeting to order, sharing a few comments before recognizing the Island Gazette with a certificate of appreciation for supporting their support them throughout the year. Tim Morrison and Wayne Rouse of the Pleasure Island Revitalization Association (PIRA) were brought forward where the Island Women officially purchased the Boardwalk Bingo machine for $1.00. PIRA had been the original non-profit running Boardwalk BINGO but had been looking for another non-profit to takeover the fundraiser. The Island Women stepped up and last year even with a shorten Season due to COVID saw 993 players raising $8,817 dollars to their “Giving fund.” In 2022 the Island Women are looking forward to bringing “Flamingo BINGO at the Boardwalk!”

New members were recognized and each committee shared accomplishments. In 2021 the group gave $27,300 dollars in donations to the following events, groups, organizations and fellow non-profits: Pleasure Island Disaster Relief Fund, Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue, Steve Haydu St. Patrick's LoTide Fund, Island Men Dragon Boat Regatta, Crawls for Paws – CBPD K-9, Nourish NC, Martha’s Kitchen, Carolina Beach Blue Liners Foundation – CBPB Bike Rodeo, Carolina Beach Elementary School, Murray Middle School, Island Montessori, Ashley High School, A Safe Place, The Carousel Center, Little Free Libraries, Education With Out Walls, The Help Center, Carolina Beach Mural Project and Ocean Cure’s Neon Bike Brigade.

Eileen Clute, Debbie Donnelly, Email Earl, Laurel Gerhat, Shelley Germain, Pat Krum, Rhonda Lee, Robbi Lycett, June Martin, Kelly McAndrew, Kitty McClellan, Mary Nobillio, Mary Nolan, Lisa Overby-Dosier, Mary Anne Russo, Haley Tolitsky and Lynn Wast were recognized for their leadership in 2021 and President Elect Kathy Murray, Christina Fatum Jennah Bosch, Cathy Chester, Claire Hearn and Andres Cannistraci were recognized for their rolls on the Board of Directors and the newly elect were sworn in. Out going president Kay Belisle Rutkowski was surprised with a slideshow highlighting her many accomplishments. Kay then handed everyone a homemade ornament reminding them all they are “Flamazing!”

The Island Women is a non-profit community action organization open to all women interested in improving the amenities that Pleasure Island has to offer. As a diverse group of local women with many talents and resources, our objective is to enhance the quality of life on Pleasure Island for residents and guests. For more information follow the “Island Women on facebook or visit www.islandwomen.org!

This past Thursday at the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting and Social the Island Men for being were presented with the 2021's Duke Energy Citizenship and Service Award! The Island Men donate to a number of organizations on the island, including: Martha's Kitchen, The Katie B Hines Senior Center, CBPD Bike Rodeo, Pleasure Island Disaster Relief Fund, and more. The Island Men kicked off their scholarship program in 2020 and awarded 5 individuals from our community. They were able to donate new computer learning systems to Carolina Beach Elementary School to give the teachers and students some much needed technology. The Island Men can be found volunteering Island wide, sweeping the beach access mat for Ocean Cure during the summer, as well as placing American flags throughout the neighborhoods during designated holidays.

For more on the Island Men's contributions to the island, visit www.IslandMen.com or follow “The Island Men” on Facebook.

This year there were no plans for the Island Men to do their Christmas Golf Cart Parade but after much consideration they have decided to bring it back! The 2021 event will be Saturday, December 18th starting at 5:00pm. This is a family fun parade with a ride through some of the Carolina Beach’ residential neighborhoods.  Golf Cart owners and your families are encouraged to design and decorate your carts in a CHRISTMAS OR HOLIDAY THEME. Come on out and have fun with us as we excite and entertain our local families. TO ENTER VISIT THE ISLAND MEN WEBSITE   www.theislandmen.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a waiver form.






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