Editorial: Progress Evident In Carolina Beach

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The Town of Carolina Beach is experiencing a historical level of improvements. A new oceanfront Boardwalk was recently completed spanning some 875' feet along the downtown Central Business District. Sidewalks were replaced in front of boardwalk businesses along with new lighting, showers, a new oceanfront stage, landscaping and more.
Canal Drive and Cape Fear Blvd were resurfaced following a project to replace aging water, sewer and storm water lines. That includes new wider sidewalks, landscaping and the infrastructure to place overhead utility lines underground to help improve the visual appeal of the area.
The utility project continues in other areas of Town and will hopefully (crossing our fingers here) wrap up work on similar improvements on Cape Fear Blvd from Lake Park Blvd to 3rd Street prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend.
The Town claims weather delays and unforeseen obstacles under ground have delayed completion of that portion of the project. Of course, the Council spent a few additional months holding up the project last year paying for a last minute study on whether or not to convert a portion of Cape Fear Blvd to a one-way street. After being told it was a bad idea, the project moved forward. But no one's pointing any fingers here (This is supposed to be a positive editorial).
The large white crane erected at the Boardwalk last week is a welcome sight. After nearly a decade of waiting, the public is finally seeing tangible evidence that a hotel will actually be built. A new Hampton Inn and Suites. It will sit nicely on the northern end of the Boardwalk bookending the Marriott on the southern end.
The Boardwalk Arcade is being demolished to make way for rebuilding the structure. The site doesn't look good right now, but it's a sign of further improvements in the future.
The amusement rides are back at the Boardwalk for the summer. This Friday there will be a fireworks show at the Boardwalk. Live entertainment and the fireworks happen at 9PM. Have a great Holiday weekend. And remember, it's not just for cookouts and hitting the beach, it's to remember and honor the people who died while serving in our country's armed forces to fight   to preserve our freedoms.


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