Editorial: Smell At The Carolina Beach Boardwalk

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There's a foul smell in the air at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. While visiting the area several times over the last seven days I've noticed a foul smelling odor.
Several people commented about the smell over the last couple of weeks.
On Sunday May 24th, while taking photos of the Boardwalk, the smell - similar to rotten eggs at times - dominated the breeze blowing down the center of the Boardwalk near Britt's Donuts.
That's odd because the smell of donuts and Frank's pizza are usually the dominating and inviting flavors in the air.
It's not the sewer lift station behind the Boardwalk business area on Canal Drive. Standing next to that building, the air actually smelled better.
After sending an email to Town Manager Michael Cramer and the Town Council, Cramer explained, "My guess would be the Hampton site.  They have been putting deodorant over the area where they are pumping the ground water.  I will check with them tomorrow and make sure they freshen it up."
Mayor Dan Wilcox explained, "Last week there was a strong odor that seemed to be coming from the Hampton Inn site, but I haven't smelled it since."
Councilman Steve Shuttleworth agreed.
It's a bad smell, but it's understandable. The hotel project has to dig down in order to lay the foundation for the new high-rise hotel. If you dig down deep enough in our area you will hit mud filled with organic matter that smells really bad. In that particular area - many decades ago - the marsh was right across the street where a Town parking lot is now located on Canal Drive.
Progress has it's obstacles and as they build the hotel foundation the smell will subside.
It's not bad all of the time. And now we all know the cause. Some people said it's the new sewer lift station, and thankfully that's not the case.


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