Apology and Clarification On Helicopter Photo

By / Editorials / Tuesday, 14 June 2016 04:00

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In the June 1st, edition I wrote a report about a request to amend the zoning ordinance to only permit helicopter landings and take-offs in the industrial district of Carolina Beach. On page 8-A, I used a photo taken by the owner of a helicopter tour company, Jessica Ward of High Tide Helicopters, showing her and Carolina Beach Mayor Dan Wilcox flying in a helicopter. The photo was taken by Ward, the owner of the helicopter. She posted that photo on her Facebook page and shared it with Mayor Dan Wilcox on Facebook as well as people on her Facebook Friends list. Since I'm on her friends list, I saw the photo and downloaded it to use along with the that report. It was a photo that showed Ward and Wilcox in a positive setting which related to the content of the report. Ward contacted me expressing concern for her privacy stating the photo was not shared on Facebook for everyone to see, rather it was shared with a specific audience on her Friends list of which I'm included. Out of respect for her desire to keep the photo private by only sharing it with people on her Facebook Friends list of which I was unaware of such settings, I apologize for using the photo without first asking for her permission.


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