Editorial: Council Frustrated With "Wedding House"

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The Carolina Beach Town Council has a right to be upset with the owners of property at 1511 South Lake Park Blvd.
For over a year the Town has been recieving complaints from residents in that area about loud noise and vehicles parking in the right-of-way along the road during large functions such as weddings and receptions. (Click here to read this week's report...)

The Council was pretty direct in expressing their frustration with the issue during their November 22nd, meeting. And that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, especially the property owners. Why? Because they spoke to Council in May of this year and after a frank and lengthy discussion, it appeared the owners were going to address issues such as loud noise and parking.

Sincere assuarnaces were given to Council by the owners and since that time the violations have continued. The Town has recieved numerous complaints and two citations were issued; one to the party renting the house and another to the property owner.

But when fines are often $50 for each offense, someone renting a large oceanfront house that sleeps 36 people is not likely to bat an eye at that fine. It's minor.

The Council is considering an escalating system of fines. Each repeat offense at a property will drive up the next fine.
Councilman Steve Shuttleworth said fining the tenant and the property owner each $5,000  after a number of smaller fines would certainly get their attention.

If the owners want to run a large commercial venue they should consider relocating to a commercial district and not continue to subject the neighbors living in a quieter residential area to large, loud gatherings and celebrations.
It's one thing to hear a neighbor's backyard BBQ party once or twice a year with friends and family at their own home.
When it's around 75 to 100 people attending a wedding at a house that sleeps 36 and rents for around $1,500 a night in the summer, that's not neighbors, that's a business.


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