Editorial: Flu Activity Widespread

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Flu Shots are available at many locations. Don't wait until the peak of flu season in 2019.
Numerous people have reported going to the doctor for the flu A and B.
Numerous people mentioned to me over the weekend that when they visited the Minute Clinic at the CVS Pharmacy in Carolina Beach, they were told the clinic has seen over a lot of flu cases.
Those of you who are sick with the flu and venture out to share your illness with the rest of the world need to remember, not everyone can fight the flu successfully. Please stay home and if you have to go out, warn people that you have the flu so they can keep their distance.
Last year I was out shopping one night and talked to a cashier who was describing a lady that went through her checkout line coughing and freely admitted she had the flu.  Cue the clouds of disinfectant spray as the lady walked out the door to continue spreading her influenza juices to the innocent unsuspecting masses.
Some with flu shots, some without. It's hard to imagine people still head on out the door pumped full of medication to keep on spreading the germs, potentially dealing out the death card in the checkout line down at the grocery store.
If you're sick and know or suspect that you have the flu, please stay home.
By all means, if you are feeling well, go get your flu shot. You can get them at numerous locations throughout the New Hanover County area.
Evidently there is also a respiratory bug going around that's kicking people out of commission for a week or more. I personally had this along with the rest of my family several weeks ago and it's still lingering.
Plenty of bugs going around this time of year.


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