Editorial: There's No Pet Pig Problem

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The Carolina Beach Town Council identified that which we already know, there's no current outbreak of pet pig complaints within Town limits. Miniature Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs to be specific. Unlike pigs most people know of that are raised on farms for meat, this breed of pig is like most other household pets. If properly trained like any other dog or cat, they are kind loving family members.
Dogs, cats, caged birds and fish are the most common popular choices for a pet. While miniature pigs are not as common, they are just as fun loving and friendly as any other pet.
The Carolina Beach Town Council agreed to take no action on a proposal to ban "Miniature Vietnamese Pigs" as pets within Town limits during their Monday April 8th, meeting.
According to Jeremy Hardison with the Town's Planning Department, "The Planning and Zoning Commission requested staff to present an ordinance to prohibit miniature Vietnamese pigs as an allowable domestic animal within town. To regulates what types of animals are accepted because of the location and density of residential and commercial developments, and the seasonal influx of population, and the general seasonal weather and insect conditions encountered, and in protection of the lifestyles and business investments of the citizenry, and as protection to the community's tourist industry alike."
The list  of animals or fowl that currently can be kept or harbored within or outside a residential dwelling and which requires reasonable and minimal attention and/or maintenance in Carolina Beach includes dogs, hamsters, caged birds, ferrets, cats, hens, rabbits, small reptiles, miniature Vietnamese pigs, turtles, gerbils and small nonpoisonous lizards.
Yet there's no limit on the number of rabbits a person can own and we are all well aware that rabbits are known for their ability to "breed". 
While pigs are currently included in the list of permitted animals, there is another list of currently prohibited animals. Those include goats, horses, sheep, mules, pigs, ostriches, hogs, roosters, cows,  ducks or geese, bulls, large reptiles and snakes. Those restrictions make sense for obvious reasons, although a Bull might make a much better "watch dog". (Insurance companies will disagree.)
Over the years we've covered reports of people being bitten by sharks, alligators killing dogs, snake bites and Pit Bulls attacking people and killing cats as well as a person's small dog right in front of neighbors and kids.
You can learn more about this topic by reading the report on page 1-A titled, " Town Council Turns Down Ban On Keeping Pot Belly Pigs".
The original complaint that brought forward the proposed amendment to ban such pet pigs was the result of a landlord learning that a tenant had a miniature pig as a pet.
During the Council's April 8th, meeting, another entirely different miniature pig pet owner spoke to Council and urged them not to adopt a ban as proposed. Her name is Sandy and her pet's name is Rudy.
She offered a clear and educational position opposing the proposed ban and offered suggestions on potential regulations.
Ultimately the Town Council decided an actual "problem" did not exist since the Town had only received one single complaint that was largely between another tenant and landlord based on a lease agreement.
However, in the future the Council should consider limits on all permitted out-door pets above a certain weight to be determined. For example, someone with ten large dogs, miniature pigs or even cats, that live outdoors can have a significant impact on surrounding homes.
All things in moderation.
The Town allows people to keep a limited number of chickens (hens only, no roosters) for obvious reasons. If someone wants a few hens as pets with the benefit of a regular supply of eggs, great! If they want 10 or 20 hens and some roosters that can wake up the dead at sunrise, they need to move out to a more remote area and live the farm life.


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