Editorial: Lock Your Vehicles: Thieves Are On The Prowl

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Following a recent series of vehicle break-ins, it's time to remind people (for the 1000th time... or more) to secure their vehicles and to not leave valuables in their vehicles, Secured or not.
We all would love to live in a world where we can enjoy a crime free community and leave our doors unlocked, like the old days out in the country. Not so any more. We don't live in the country where everyone prides themselves on being honest and can leave their vehicles and homes unlocked most of the time.
We live in New Hanover County and we have a LOT of people that want to steal your property. The scum of the Earth are absolutely living among us.
The best defense is to lock your vehicle and secure your home. The most common crime is for thieves to lift door handles on vehicles looking for unlocked goody bags. Then they take whatever they think is valuable. Others are more abrupt and will break vehicle windows and leave you with a huge expense in terms of repairs and insurance claims.
Many people that have lived in Carolina Beach or Kure Beach for a number of years know that during the summers months the thieves venture out to prey on the valuables of people that actually work for a living.
To combat this, install security cameras, purchase better than the stock-vehicle-alarms, and even better, when available, park in a home garage.
Surprisingly enough, there are a lot of cars left unlocked and packed with all kinds of valuable items just waiting to be stolen.
A simple solution? Lock vehicle doors and don’t leave valuables out in plain sight, or, don’t leave valuables in the vehicle to begin with. Thieves look for firearms and prescription drugs as well as common items like wallets. Invest in a vehicle alarm system. Park in your garage or install readily available floodlights that shine directly on your driveway.
Don't make your home an appealing target, keep valuables away from windows and doors, and lock up every time you leave.
If you’re headed out of town, remember to stop delivery of your mail or get some one to pick it up for you to make sure that identity thieves don’t get it. Also, consider setting your lights on an automatic timer to make it look like someone is home. Shop during daylight
hours and don't carry large amounts of cash. Use debit and credit cards which can be canceled with a phone call to the bank. Here are some basic tips before going on vacation:
1. Call the post office to stop mail and suspend newspaper delivery.
2. Get a few timers to turn several lights, the TV or radio on and off during the day and night.
3. If you have a second car, park it in the driveway
4. If you’ll be gone long, ask a neighbor to put some of their trash in your garbage cans
 5. Ask a friend or neighbor to house sit by dropping by regularly and checking up on things and picking up junk mail and flyers that can accumulate. (Remember to describe this house sitter to your neighbors, so burglars can’t claim to be house sitting and house sitters don’t get arrested.)
6. If you have a baby monitor, leave the monitor with a neighbor and the base unit turned on at your home. If the security or smoke alarms go off, or if your neighbors hear something they shouldn’t, they can immediately call 911.
Recently the Carolina Beach Police apprehended a few people that were watching some condo properties on the waterway. They caught them. But they can't catch everyone all of the time. And remember, if the police stop you at 4am in the morning when you're taking a casual walk, they're likely looking for suspects.
Answers their questions politely. They're doing their job. You may be innocent, but they're looking for the many that are not innocent.


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