New Hanover County School Board

By / Editorials / Friday, 30 July 2021 18:49

New Hanover County School Board held their regular monthly meeting last week that ended in an unruly mess from both the school board and audience. The hammering of the gavel in an attempt to gain control of the crowd was unproductive. In the end the meeting was forced to continue this past Tuesday via zoom, which ran a lot smoother. Hot topics are the introduction to Critical Race Theory in upper level History classes, masks, the removal of suspension in elementary age students and the name changing of Laney Stadium.

Dr. Faust shared last night that the Critical Race Theory curriculum that was being shared by the media was not the same as what they are seeing. If anyone could find such items, “white privilege” “gender neutral” they would investigate further that was not what they were seeing.  Social studies at the Elementary level would only change on the second grade level from a global focus to foundational American History, no major changes in Middle School and at the High School level World History will start at 1200 CE. The board and Dr. Faust say we as parents are only hearing about the most extreme doctrines of CRT and our educators are prepared for the new standards. The new North Carolina Standards will stay in place in New Hanover County.

So what to expect when returning to school? 5 days a week in-person instruction for every student. Full extra-curricular activities and athletic programs. Normal bus routes. Free breakfast and free lunch for every student at every school. Full Special Education; English as a Second Language (ESL); Career and Technical Education program offerings; and arts enrichment programs.

At this time, we will continue to follow guidance from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on face masks. We know that wearing a cloth face covering is one of the best tools we have for reducing the spread of COVID-19. In accordance with Executive Order 209, face coverings are required indoors for all students ages 5 and up, teachers, staff, and adult visitors. They are also required while traveling on buses or other school transportation vehicles. Face coverings are recommended outdoors when individuals are unable to social distance at least 6 ft apart from others.

No, daily symptom screenings are no longer recommended for all schools by the Centers for Disease Control. However, parents and caregivers are encouraged to monitor children for symptoms and students who are sick should not attend school in-person. 

There is no required minimum physical distancing under Plan A, or full-time in-person instruction. We will continue to focus on minimizing contact through cloth face coverings, and keeping hands washed and surfaces clean.

Whether you have a student in New Hanover County School’s or not the actions of from the Elected school board impact everyone’s future and should be important to all voters.









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