Green Doesn’t Always Mean Go

By / Editorials / Friday, 30 July 2021 18:52

As the warmer weather sets in, area schools are released for the Summer and families flock to the area for a much needed vacation take the time for an extra pause at intersections. Make sure you are watching for the flashing lights indicating pedestrians are crossing as you approach crosswalks. Just slow down, there is nowhere else you need to be that bad that can cause an accident or quite possibly take a life. Just 2 years ago one-year-old Cora was struck while crossing the intersection at Cape Fear and Lake Park Boulevard taking her life and injuring her grandmother.  The driver had a green light but failed to yield to the pedestrians who were in the crosswalk while turning she struck them both. The driver plead guilty to misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and was conditionally discharged however has to live with what happened for the rest of her life. Later that that year the NCDOT came and met with officials from the Town of Carolina Beach on at the same intersection to discuss improving safety along Lake Park Boulevard at various locations. Stonewall Davis Mathis, PE - NCDOT Division 3 Deputy Division Traffic Engineer, explained in an email to Town officials that in response to the fatality in that intersection they are were considering numerous options that were later never implemented.

As a local we train our kids to not just “go” when the crosswalk indicates to. As a mom of five it’s hard to even give my children the freedom to go out on their own at times because drivers do not pay attention to pedestrians especially at the Harper Avenue and Cape Fear Boulevard intersections. Drivers fly through crosswalk with entire families attempting to cross, lights flashing and all. This past Wednesday while delivering Gazettes I saw a friendly face, local surfer Oliver Clevland who was patiently waiting to cross Hamlet Avenue on his bike, giant surfboard in toe, lights flashing so I stopped, oncoming traffic stopped but an approaching driver did not appreciate I was stopped and decided to aggressively pass me in the turning lane almost striking the teen which inspired this week’s editorial.

Pedestrians and bikers, please do not be complacent at a crosswalk. Stay aware and never count on a driver stopping or that the oncoming traffic will. Have a great Summer, be safe and checkout The Island Greenway System, a network of off-street trails, parks and scenic areas linked together with designated bike/pedestrian routes on our existing streets. The routes have been chosen for their safety, beauty and convenience. 









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