For Your Consideration: A Transparent Veil

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The veil that some have suggested is hiding the President’s intended goal, has always been transparent, but it would appear that a large portion of the population has not been willing to view his actions objectively, especially the two established political parties, which have been adding and abetting the President in accomplishing his objectives. An excellent example of this is the recent agreement, not treaty, that the President struck with Iran, some politicians have suggested that the President got fleeced, but those politicians and the Nation as a whole are the ones that got taken, the President got everything he wanted to get, he was able to move the oversight of the agreement over to the United Nations (UN), an organization that is known for its corruption and inability to get anything of significance done that requires work and a strong commitment to fulfill the essential objectives of a task. The United States (US) no longer has any say in what is happening with this agreement, for all intents and purpose the US government has no oversight on this agreement, and the government has been put in the position of either backing the President, or giving a NO vote to the agreement and continue to apply pressure by keeping its restrictions on Iran. Now the two political parties will have to make a decision as to the action they are going to take, this is a critical point, because Congresses’ action will either reaffirm the Nation’s sovereignty, or it will capitulate its sovereignty to the UN, and this is exactly what the President wants, because it puts one more nail into the US Constitution, and our clueless politicians think that the Present was taken, it’s time for our elected officials to take a closer look at who was taken in this agreement.
The President is unconcerned with the protestations of the politicians and the general public, he is on-tract to fulfilling his objective of fundamentally transform the nation, and the politicians are so raped up in their own concerns for maintaining their position of power, and that of their political parties that they are unable to see the damage that is being done to the underpinnings of the Constitution. The general public is also aiding and abetting because they fear that they will lose many benefits that they have freely acquired, but in the end they are going to lose all those benefits, as well as their freedom.
One aspect of the President that has received little attention is his activity on the campaign trail, with his continual fund raising since he got into office, but there appears to be no concern over the use of these funds, or how much has been accumulated over the years, and its safe to say that he is not going to stop his fund raising anytime soon. The President has suggested that he is going to set up an office in the Capital, so one can assume that he has additional objectives in mind as he exits the Presidency, will these funds that are being raised now, be available to the President when he is no longer President?
The electorate needs to educate themselves before it is too late, this next election is going to be critical at all levels of government, Federal, state, county, and city, we need representatives that are interested in saving the country, and they will not be found in the established political parties, if the voter listens to the rhetoric of the candidates they should be able to discern where they are coming from.
Just about everything that this President has accomplished needs to be undone, but it will take care and forethought in the removal of objectionable programs to prevent a collapse of our system, that’s how invasive and entangled the President’s changes have become.
It would behoove our elected officials to look into the funds that the Prescient has been accumulating since he came into office, and to view the wording very carefully to assure that those funds could not be used in a manner that would subvert our Constitution or government any further than it already has been. It would also help if the current crop of politicians started taking actions that would limit or undo the damage that has already been done to the Nation, but that might be too much to ask of our clueless representatives.


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