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This is a subject that needs to be addressed from a number of different perspectives; the first bone of contention is related to the treatment that many of our vets receive from the government.
The current level of protection of the Nation is performed by one percent or less of the base population, and they are all volunteers, many of these personnel have been placed in harm’s way on a continual basis.
The general public and the government give verbal support to the care that they should be receiving, but seldom does the rhetoric match the true reality, one of the major reasons for this condition is related to the view of many government workers and their assurance of retaining their position, regardless of their ability to perform.
The inability to hold government workers responsible for their poor performance is not limited to the Veterans’ Administration, it is prevalent throughout the Federal government, and this inability to hold these workers responsible is one of the major problems that our Nation is facing, and it can only be resolved by breaking the symbiotic relationship between our elected representatives and the various bureaucracies within the Federal government, it might be worth noting that the military is one government group that does not have the same relationship with the government.
There appears to be a big misunderstanding as to the position that the military holds with the government as opposed to the other bureaucracies in the Federal government, many citizens view the military as having the same protections as the standard bureaucracies, but this is a misconception that needs to be corrected, because there is really no comparison, on a variety of levels, as a matter of fact, there is no institution in our culture that has as many restrictions placed on it as the military.
To some degree it’s understandable that a large portion of our population would have an erroneous view of our military, because so few citizens have served in the military, especially since the end of the draft in 1973, which was over forty years ago, this means that any person that is under the age of sixty-two has not been placed in the position of having to serve in the military.
Many citizens are under the impression that military personnel receive the same medical benefits’ as our elected representative, but very few people in government employment receive the same benefits as our representatives, they really look after themselves.
One could take a position that military personnel should receive the highest quality of health care, especially those that have been placed in harm’s way. Our nation should be ashamed of itself for failing to acknowledging what many of these military personnel have given up to keep the Nation safe over the generations, and the current administration has taken this disregard to a whole new level.
It’s clear that we have a problem in selecting where our priorities should be, and it’s certain that our government is not going to correct these inadequacies, especially since a good portion of the population is unaware of the restrictions that are placed on our military personnel.
One solution to this problem would be to reactivate the draft, and to make sure that it was done in such a way as to assure that it reflected a fair distribution of the nation’s cultural status, and that the draft should be limited to military functions, this might tend to influence some of our representatives to give more thought to how they are using our military, given the possibility of having some of their children being placed in harm’s way, then they might have a better understanding of the real world. Regretfully, the harm being imposed on our military goes far beyond the neglect that is being shown to our service personnel, the government is destroying the structure that made our military the most efficient military in the world, when taken together these aspects are going to leave us with a military that will not be able to function at the same level as in the past. 


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