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The past couple of months have been very instructive, as they relate to the coverage of the Republican candidates for the Presidency, especially this past week with its first debate.
Most of the coverage for this group has been conducted by one major cable network, which touts that it’s fair and balanced, but it has shown itself to be anything but fair and balanced in its coverage of the candidates.
It’s clear that the electorate needs to question the information that they are receiving from all forms of the media, they all give the news from a perspective that is biased, there is little that is presented in an objective format, this means that the electorate needs to develop methods of evaluating the information that is being presented by these media outlets, even some of the information that should be relatively easy to present in an objective manner is distorted to give an incorrect outlook on a subject.
The observation that one should have noted, relating to the coverage of the candidates for the Presidency is the coverage given to the establishment candidates, as opposed to the few individuals that have not previously held a political position, there is one exemption in each of the two groups, the reason for these exemptions will be expanded upon to illustrate the bias of this cable network.
The candidate that stands out as an outsider is Trump, but this candidate has an excellent understanding of what the media thrives on, and he is providing the media with actions that he knows will make the media salivate, making it almost impossible for the media to control its actions, interestingly his plan is working over the entire media arena.
The other two candidates that have not been part of the political system are Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, both of whom have shown themselves to be more than adequate at presenting their positions, but they do not receive the same coverage that other candidates receive that are perceived as being establishment candidates.
There are two candidates that are within the political system, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal, but it’s unlikely that they will receive the same kind of treatment that the establishment politicians receive from the fair and balanced cable network, the reason for this disproportionate coverage is due to the positions they take related to government, they tend to lean towards moving government back to the Constitution’s basic doctrine, and that is the last thing that the establishment wants.
The electorate now has another toll to help them decide on which candidate they would like to support for the Presidency, the fact that a large media network is supporting, even if surreptitiously, an establishment candidate should be a no brainer, the networks are protecting their own self-interest, and the last thing they want is a free market system that provides an even playing field, this fact can also be gleaned from Trump’s actions of contributing to both political parties, he knows how our political system works, as do most large businesses and nations looking for special considerations. The problem with our system is that it favors the large corporations at the detriment to the average person trying to make a living or start a business. Trump is playing the media, and the media is playing the electorate, it’s time to wakeup.


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