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One behavioral trait that appears to be ingrained in a good part of the animal kingdom is discrimination in one form or another, but one would think that the human species had evolved sufficiently enough to rid itself of the various forms that continually appear in all of mans’ cultures, it is understandable that some generalized forms may appear from time to time due to the behavior within some cultures, but the generalization should not be transferred to an individual within these subcultures. Currently there seems to be a deliberate effort by some political leaders to accentuate discrimination in various groups within our culture, it may be applied to ethnicity, social status, economic status, educational level, sex, religious affiliation, or political affiliation, it would appear that the intent is to turn the various groups against one another, and in the process the individual gets lost.
The behavior that is being encouraged by the government is counter to the intent of our Constitution, and is preventing the human species from advancing in a wide range of human endeavors, putting individuals in a box is limiting our potential for growth that could have been an example for other cultures to follow, but that would tend to lessen the hold that power hungry institutions and individuals would have over the populace. Those forces that are attempting to destroy the basic principles that are the framework of our Constitution are very close to achieving their goal of negating the Constitution, but there is still a chance to correct this condition, if the electorate would just put some time and thought into how they are being manipulated to vote in a certain way, which enables the power structure to stay in place. The biggest problem that the electorate has is that there is no source that they can go to for the truth of how to correct the situation, that’s because every source for information that is utilized by almost all individuals has its own agenda, and they all want to protect their own power structure. If the electorate is paying attention to the actions of the two political parties, this behavior should be apparent by the way they treat other members of their respective parties, the errant members either fall in line or they are deprived of positions within the party, or the communities they represent are deprived of goodies that are handed out by the political system, these actions have been applied for generations, and yet they were never suppose to be initiated within our governmental system, and yet the average electorate accepts these actions as normal.
Throughout the centuries we have come to accept these infractions to the Constitution as normal, but they have reached a point that they are about to take down the Nation as it was originally perceived, and this demise will be a lot more devastating than most people realize, when all the framework has been removed the structure will collapse.
The information presented in the previous paragraph should help the electorate make some good decisions as to the candidate they would like to see as president, but it is only a starting point, the voter still has to find out if the candidate can give enough information that shows that he or she has a reasoned approach to resolving the Nation’s problems. One should not expect a detailed plan, because any leader worth his/her salt would know that regardless of how well versed he/she is on any given subject that the team he/she assembles to assist in the development of a solution would likely find aspects of the program that needed to be tweaked. If the President was really smart he would choose people for his cabinet that could think outside the box to expand his knowledge base on all subjects, naturally the final decision would be the President’s, but
he/she would have the advantage of a wide perspective on each of the subjects, and it’s not about who gets credit, it’s about coming up with the best solution for a given problem.
One thing is certain, the concept that our leaders should come from the political structure is only going to give us more of what we have been dealing with for generations, and our culture has not benefited from this concept that is sold to us every election cycle.
Don’t you think that it’s about time that we stopped buying the political rhetoric we are presented with every election, if they are taking money from the big boys, that’s who they are going to support.


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