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The electorate frequently hears that a certain candidate can’t get elected because they have never held public office before, this is especially true when it’s being applied to a person running for the Presidency, seldom does one hear this if a person is seeking a House seat, it starts to appear more frequently if a person is seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate. If one were to accept this argument as being rational, the Nations would have very few problems facing it with all the career politicians inhabiting our government, the problem is the establishment of bureaucracies that establish a symbiotic relationship with the elected officials and special interest groups that continually support the politicians that grant them favors. Our system is designed to support this relationship, but it does not serve the individual, which is one of the basic principles of our Constitution, but our elected officials have moved away from this goal a long time ago.
The slate of candidates for the Republican Party has grown to seventeen, but most of the attention is going to a few candidates that are suggesting an end to the symbiotic relationship that has become so ingrained in our government. Just the suggestion that the current cabal should be removed, is enough to gain support for a candidate, regardless of how irrational some of the candidate’s positions may be, this is a clear indication that the electorate is dissatisfied with many of their representatives, and that their rhetoric of promising one thing and continually failing to deliver will no longer be tolerated, but care should still be exercised to assure that the candidate is approaching the problems facing the Nation in a rational manner. Even if the electorate does their homework and selects a candidate that is sincere,
with all intentions of putting in reasoned policies, there is still a major impediment to implementing those sound policies, the system.
It would be illogical to think that any President looking to take on the system could succeed without the continued support of the electorate, and it would be a mistake to fault the person put in the position for his/her failure to implement sound policies, so the electorate will have to give the backing that is needed to undo the current symbiotic cabal.
The forces that are sustaining the current system are well established in our culture, and they have been indoctrinating the citizenry for generations, overcoming this indoctrination is not going to be a small task.
It would be a despicable act to put an honest man in that position, and then fail to support him, given the forces that will be aligned against him/her.
Our Founders suggested that they have given us a system that could work, but that the electorate had to stay vigilant and educated, the electorate has been sadly lacking in these qualities for a long time.
There was a time when eight years of schooling would equip the individual to face the world and be functional, and a high school education would be better than many of our current college institutions, what does this say about our educational systems?
Is this what our Federal government and the teachers’ union has giving us in the name of education?
Our culture needs to cast of this government indoctrination system for a real educational system, then maybe the electorate will have some insight into how they are being used and abused by the political cabal that is ruling the populace today, and ruling is the correct terminology.
The current system is dysfunctional, it’s so dysfunctional that even those that are in charge of it fail to see, even at this point, that it’s on the verge of collapsing. It is a misnomer to say “that’s how government works”. 


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