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The Establishment is no longer trying to hide its activities, which is a clear indication that it feels the electorate is sufficiently indoctrinated to continue accepting its fraudulent rhetoric.
This Presidential election is bring the Establishment’s motivation to the forefront, it’s pulling out all the stops to prevent the silent majority from expressing its voice within the government structure, the Establishment is attacking or ignoring the few voices that are trying to express the dissatisfaction of a large portion of the electorate, but it’s doing this in a manner that tends to veil the activities,  as a result of the wide variety of participants in the Establishment.
The electorate must keep in mind that the Establishment is made up of a number of special interest groups, not only political, that have a symbiotic relationship, which is very beneficial to those groups, but is detrimental to a majority of the electorate.
One should not confuse various other groups that are not a part of the Establishment, but are actually dupes that are being manipulated by the Establishment to consolidate its power and control, these groups are the composed of individuals that are promised a better life, but find themselves in conditions worse than they were previously.
The actions by the Establishment have managed to move most of the power and control away from local government bodies, which tends to lessen the control the individual has over the things that impact the individual citizen, this shift in power and control has moved persistently to the Federal government, more specifically to the Executive Branch of the government.
If the electorate had any concept of the general principles within the U.S. Constitution, they would understand that the actions being employed by the Establishment are diametrically opposed to our Constitution.
It’s essential that these groups outside the establishment be maintained in their current form, because they tend to distract those portions of the electorate from realizing that they are being duped by the Establishment.
The Establishment has become very adept at giving the impression of doing something for these outside groups, but in truth the Establishment is continually growing its control and power, which is apparent in the growth of the various symbiotic groups in the Establishment.
Our culture is being torn apart before our very eyes, and the Establishment has managed to sell these destructive activities as being good, this is being made possible as a result of what it has done to the Nation’s educational system, and the position it has taken on our immigration policies.
The Nation is no longer operating under the paradigm that catapulted us into a position that was envied by other governments around the world, but those governments were unwilling to immolate the United States (U.S.), because that would mean they would have to give up the power and control that they had over their proletariat.
The U.S. proletariat has been duped into immolating the dictatorial governments around the world, but it’s not too late to get our government back on course if this grassroots movement is as strong as it appears to be, but we cannot allow the Establishment to divert our attention from the task at hand.
The areas that are going to require major overhauls are: The educational system, which needs to be removed from the Federal government, and moved down to the local level; immigration control should be exercised to reestablish the Nation’s sovereignty, no other nation allows its  sovereignty to be disregarded as much as the U.S.; the power of the government to pick winners and losers in the private business sector needs to be eliminated; the government needs to get out of the business of doing things that can be accomplished by the private sector in free competition; and,  the Federal and state governments need to be radically reduced, as the private sector becomes capable of absorbing workers that are displaced in the government sector.
The areas of concern in this paragraph are just a few items that need to be addressed, but at least it’s a start.


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