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The Nation is sixteen months from coming to the end of the current President’s time in office, but who’s counting, so it would seem reasonable to evaluate the President’s pledge to “Fundamentally Transform” the Nation.  Individuals will have to make their own assessments as to whether
their initial impressions have been met, but this will require that they take an honest appraisal of the
changes that have taken place over the past six plus years, this will require putting your political affiliations aside, and evaluating the changes that have occurred in our culture.
If you are a religious person, especially if you are a member of the Christian or Jewish faith, and have been paying attention to the major changes in the government’s attitudes towards the various religions, many of which have been negative towards the Nation’s major religions.
The major religions have had to embrace values that are counter to their value structure to be acceptable to many of the government programs, and regretfully many denominations are bending to the dictates of the government, this is not surprising
since most denominations have become bureaucratic systems that have failed to keep faith with God’s Law, which supersedes Man’s
law, defying this fact is only going to create conditions that are going to be harmful to the human species. 
Regardless of what your political affiliation is, can you say that we have
moved closer to the Laws of the Creator, or have we replaced them with Man’s law?
The prime function of the Federal government is to protect the Nation from invaders, from outside and within, it’s doubtful that any citizen could say that the Nation is in a better position to protect itself now, then it was seven years ago.
The electorate has continually received words of assurance that we are just as prepared as we have been in the past, but the facts don’t match the rhetoric.
Our military structure is in a state that would be comparable to what it was prior to World War II, but in many ways it’s in a more perilous condition, because we no longer possess the resources needed to reinvigorate an efficient war machine.
The inability of our manufacturing sector to support the Nation’s primary function no longer exists, in all fairness, this is not the fault of the President, but he has done nothing to improve this shortcoming, as a matter of fact he has made a reversal even more difficult.
This administration has turned out a massive amount of regulations, initiated by the various Federal bureaucracies that make it almost impossible for a business to function, and adds greatly to the cost of products.
Instead of bringing people together, the President has managed to divide almost every sector of our culture into feuding groups, this is not new to our culture, or any other culture, but it has never been as bad as it is now.
It’s understandable that there is going to be a certain amount of prejudice between certain groups within a culture, it would appear that this is an inevitable condition in the human species, but when a culture is expressing this condition as strongly and broadly as our culture is doing at this point’ it will lead to the collapse of the culture. A good educational system would help to mitigate some of these prejudicial shortcomings.
Another important aspect that is contributing to the collapse of our culture is our educational system, which amounts to an indoctrination tool for the Federal government, designed to turnout compliant drones to fill the requirements of the ruling establishment. The Nation’s educational level has declined with each passing decade.
There was a time that individuals’ received enough training so that they could advance on their own, but it would appear that this point is not even archived at the college level, if one is to believe what they see and hear coming from the mouths of youngsters coming out with diplomas these days, there is a serious shortage of critical thinking and reason, which should be taught at every level when it can be applied, but it would appear that most of our educators are either incapable or not allowed to perform this function. It seems like there are more and more people coming to the conclusion that they are not overjoyed with the President’s “Fundamental Transformation”, and they haven’t even seen the full impact of his Transformation. 
Are you still ecstatic with the Transformation?


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