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The Manchurian Candidate was a movie that came out in 1962, the plot was convoluted and complex, it revolved around the capture of a U.S. infantry platoon during the Korean War in 1952 by the Chinese and Soviet Communists. The intent of this was to employ techniques of brainwashing along with the application of deep hypnosis to condition members of the platoon to react in certain ways during their repatriation after the war. This plot took place over a period of years, and was limited to overthrowing the government by assassinating the newly elected President, making the Vice President, a member of the conditioned platoon, the new President. The plan was to use the assassination as a justification for establishing Marshal Law, which initiates a dictatorship. There are certain aspects of this plot that have an element of truth to it, it’s a known fact that the Soviets trained youngsters to function as Americans and be inserted into our culture as sleeper agents to disrupt the Nation, if we were to take this fact and add to it an unsupported remark that was made to one of our public officials, in the mid 60’s, that the Soviets were prepping a youngster to be inserted into our government, which would lead to the downfall of the United States, and given the fact that the President was born in 1961, it would give one an opportunity to develop a conspiracy theory.
Most of the information presented in the first paragraph is of a fictitious nature, the item relate to sleeper cells has some validity, and the remark related to a youngster being trained to be inserted into our government is of questionable validity. To take these items and suggest that they are true would tend to label the concept as a conspiracy, which should be disregarded, but when one considers the changes that have taken place in our culture since the early 60’s one might be tempted to give the concept a closer look.
The same groups that have been pushing the Progressive doctrine since the 60’s have continually advanced their program, this has been aided by the Republicans at times because the Progressives have managed to put the Republicans in the position of being uncaring, which caused them to cave into the Progressives.
In the intervening years the Progressive movement has managed to take control of all the institutions that have the ability to shape cultural trends, making the promotion of a selected Commander in Chief more probable, and the President would appear to fit the bill.
The President seemed to come from out of nowhere, very little is known about his life before coming on the scene as a U.S. Senator, most of the information that we have on him comes from the two books that he wrote, but it appears that most of that information cannot be authenticated by independent sources, and when it can be confirmed, such as his continual association with many of the people from the radical left, it only lends credence to the probability of a conspiracy to take down the American culture, as most Americans perceive it.
An analyst should direct his/her attention to behavior, attitudes, and actions being taken, and view these areas as clusters to evaluate the likely outcome of these clusters, when this is done to what has transpired in our culture over the past fifty-five years, one would have to say that the actions have been designed to remove the underpinnings of our Constitution.
There is a real fear that the principals that are the underpinning of our Constitution can work, and that’s a threat to any form of government that is looking to subjugate its people, this is one of the reasons that both of our establishment political parties are opposed to abiding by the principals that are the framework of our Constitution.
One can only hope that the electorate is beginning to understand how they are being manipulated.
Don’t discount the fact that this has been a thoughtful and purposeful plan that has been executed over the past fifty-five years, the span of time was necessary to get the population to accept the changes, if they tried to apply the conditions that exist now back in the late fifties they would have been soundly rejected, but changing the institutions and attitudes over the generations made these conditions acceptable, the final act of implementing Marshal Law would confirm the theory. Removing the rot from our culture is going to take time, but it can be accomplished if we still want to save the Nation.


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