For Your Consideration: A Perspective on Illegal Immigration

By / For Your Consideration / Wednesday, 23 September 2015 04:00

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At some point the electorate has got to stop drinking the cool-aid that the establishment has been selling us over the years, the government contends that our immigration system is broken and that we have to legalize all the illegals that have entered our country, if one were to take the time to read the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, they would find that the politicians are saying the same things that they said thirty years ago.
The promise that was made to the nation back then has never been met, and now these forked tongued politicians are presenting the very same verbiage, and if the electorate buys into their sales pitch, then the things that are being said about the electorate are true.
The politicians are telling us that our immigration laws are broken, and we have to apply the same solution that the government enacted on November 6th 1986, but it’s not our immigration laws that are broken, it’s the government that is broken.
Let’s suggest to the government that we will consider new laws when it has complied with the law that was established in 1986, and negate all the actions that have taken place to allow the continuation of this illegal immigration that is putting a strain on our economy, and distorting our culture as a result of the massive influx of illegals that are not looking to be a part of our culture.
The electorate should not discount this position until they have taken a look at the Act that was suppose to correct the conditions that we are facing today. The government needs to get its act together.
The government tells us that it cannot round up eleven-million illegals for deportation, because that would be too costly, if they started back in 1986 when we only had about four-million, and at the time it was estimated that only two-million would have to be deported, now that we probably added more than thirty-million illegals, with more entering each day, the task appears to be herculean, but it’s not, if approached intelligently, but that might be asking too much of our political leaders.
One can’t help but noticing that the government’s answer to most of our problems is to expand government and increase taxes, when most of our problems could be resolved in a less costly manner, and with less government.
Some of the same considerations can be applied to illegals that have entered the country before January 1, 1982, which was the date that was a cut off for applying the Law to illegal’s entering the United States.
Since the Act was passed in 1986 the government has managed to expand the reasons for accepting more immigrants that have entered the country illegally, so instead of correcting the problem the government has compounded the problem. The correct approach would be to hold the government responsible, and to negate all the actions that have been applied to weaken our immigration laws, and at the same time make the requirements more stringent for allowing the interlopers to remain in the country. These requirements should be strong enough to ensure that the individuals remaining are able to speak English, have a fair understanding of our Constitution and government structure, and are willing to pledge allegiance to the United States, and can also show that they are capable of assuming responsibility for maintaining themselves without aid from the Federal government. These requirements are standards that many of our own citizens can’t meet, but that too is the fault of our government, which also needs to be addressed.
Our politicians are doing everything possible to destroy the United States Constitution, because it limits their power over the individual, but this is not about their power, it’s about the power that resides with the individual citizen. Wake up America, your being brainwashed into accepting a position of servitude to the State, which is diametrically opposed to the position embedded in our Constitution.


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