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The European Union’s (EU) beginnings can be traced back to the early 1950’s, but this is not a history lesson, unless one wants to consider the factors that have lead to the dissolution of states and nations throughout history. The EU is made up of 28 nation states, most of which are on the northern portion of the European continent.  This Union is made up of nation states that have different languages, and cultural backgrounds , which made it a candidate for failure from the very beginning, and there were more than enough observers that made this fact clear from the very beginning. 
It would be a mistake to compare the Unites States (U.S.) with the EU, because we evolved out of conditions that were radically different than the nations that developed in the old world continents, North America, South America, and Australia are continents that had many of the same conditions that the U.S. experienced in its evolution, but there are changes being made in this country that will be putting us in the same position as the EU.
There has been a movement by some in our culture to move the U.S. away from the paradigm that was established with our Constitution, into one that made the U.S. a part of a world government structure, this is a foolhardy move that many have bought into, it disregards all the contradicting factors that make this impossible at this point in time of man’s development, but there are politicians that are more concerned with power, and are more than willing to destroy the nation, as long as it gives them the power over the individual. 
For ages we have seen science fiction movies that portray a world government that is just about perfect, but this picture is fictitious, unless one were to ignore man’s greed and thirst for power over his fellow man, and anyone that believes that this new bureaucracy can manage this new world order better than our current system is really drinking the cool-aid.
It’s difficult to accept the fact that people can’t see the similarities’ that exist in both the EU and the U.S. : the overgrown bureaucratic systems, the debt, the massive influx of cultures that make no effort to become homogeneous with the established culture of the state or nation, and the soaring cost that is placed on the support systems of these states and nations.
It appears that citizens are beginning to react to what the government is doing, and many are demanding more of their elected officials, that seem incapable of correcting these growing problems.
This may be why a large portion of the electorate is showing so much interest in candidates that have not been affiliated with government previously, but this aspect in and of itself is no assurance that selecting one of these candidates will resolve our problems, but there is one caveat that might help the electorate in making a selection, select one that holds our Constitution in high regard.
The answer to most of the Nation’s problems is in the proper application of the principles that are in our Constitution, a fact that most of our elected officials seem to ignore.
If the citizen takes a critical look at our culture they will become aware that everything is interconnected, this web is important because you can’t change one thing and not have changes in the cultural web, which is always in flux.
The timing and intensity of any change are essential elements, because they can relate to the success or failure of a program.
Our elected officials and many of our cultural institutions have inserted a large number of policies that are impacting the Nation negatively in so many ways that it seems almost impossible to correct the dilemma facing us, but we still have a chance to correct this situation if we act intelligently and boldly. The electorate is beginning to understand the crux of the problem, but they still have some doubts about how to fix it, the answer to that is to get back to employing the basic principles that can be found in the Nation’s Constitution.
One last cautionary note, this is not a time for the electorate to sit back and say that their vote does not matter, and it’s going to be very
important for the electorate to do a lot of critical thinking for the coming elections.


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