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An observer of our culture, would be sure to note that there are far too many contradictions in our culture and the reasoning of its individuals, this may be the case in all of man’s cultures, but the present concern is with the culture of the United States (US), and its individual citizens.  These inconsistencies make it difficult to come up with rational solutions to the complex problems that the Nation is facing. There is always going to be some level of inconsistency due to the fact that regardless of how well thought-out a paradigm may be, there will always be aspects that had not been considered, and adjustment will need to be made, but the basic principles need to be adhered to, as long as they are not invalidated by reality.
The Ten Commandments is a very good model to utilize for establishing some the basic principles for a paradigm, this might be difficult for some people that do not believe in the Creator, but the concept of the Creator is important from the standpoint of the stated love for man, there are some problems related to the acceptance of the Creator, but this is due to man’s perspective of the Creator, and the tendency to attribute many of man’s qualities to the Creator, this tendency creates many problems, due to the inconsistencies the concept creates in our everyday experiences.  Without getting too deep into the weeds, just extract the basic principles that are in the Ten Commandments, which are implied by the wording, these basic principles can then be used to develop a structure for a paradigm that will help to eliminate many of the inconsistencies that have plagued our thinking throughout our lives.
Another good model is a combination of our two Founding documents, the basic principles are there, but most of us get hung-up on the wording that is supposed to represent the structure that will give us the results that are in the basic principles.
The structure has been distorted over time, to a point that it’s getting harder to find the basic principles, due to government’s inability or unwillingness to adhere to the basic principles that gave these documents their structure.
Some of the basic principles that are in the documents are: The individual’s God given constitutional rights, which are not to be infringed upon by government. Government’s function is to protect the Nation from threats from outside and within the nation that may threaten the God
given rights.
Government should only assist when a function cannot be addressed at a lower level, which means that if the individual is able to perform a function at his/her level without infringing on someone else’s rights, then government should not interfere with the individual’s function, there are so many infractions in this area, that they are impossible to enumerate.
If one were to meld the two models cited above, it would present a good start for a paradigm structure, there are other basic principles that could be incorporated to give one a more holistic paradigm, but the two models that were presented should give the individual a plan that will help to develop actions that are not full of contradictions, and that is something that is essential at this stage of our development.
Don’t count on our government to implement the changes that are needed, because they are diametrically opposed to the government’s intent, and the only way to get government to comply with the basic principles is to elect people that really believe in the principles in our Founding documents.
The electorate has a lot of work to do if we are to unravel the mess that the establishment has gotten us into.


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