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It’s surprising how many citizens continually ignore the reality of our political condition, but to help the electorate in their effort to make sense out of the current contradicting conditions, it would be helpful to point out the latest actions being taken by the Speaker of the House. When it was evident that the House Whip was not going to get the needed support, the Speaker called an end to the selection process, so that he could find an appropriate substitute that would allow for the continued control by the establishment. There is a group of Constitutional conservatives  that are blocking this effort to continue with the establishment agenda, and to move Congress back to supporting the principles of the U.S. Constitution, and this is the group that is being labeled radicals by the establishment, this position should tell the electorate all they need to know about the current Republican Party, especially  when one considers the trust factor as it relates to the oath they have all taken to support and protect the Constitution.
The U.S. Constitution’s structure is designed to deal with reality, it allows for the fact that man is imperfect, and that the utopian view that the establishment is trying to sell to us is impractical, the definition for the term utopian needs to be looked up, it’s time that the Nation woke up to the fact that it has to deal with the reality of life. This move by the establishment to divert all the power to the Federal government is going to lead to a greater concentration of power to the Executive Branch of the government, this fact should be clear given the actions of the current President.
If you happen to be a voter that has been drinking the cool-aid that the establishment has been dispensing, both inside and outside of government, it’s time to pause and reevaluate the direction and impact that these actions are having on the Nation. The President has already suggested that he has no respect for the Constitution, and he has stated this fact often, but many of his actions are even more significant, because they are counter to the principles of the Nation’s Constitution. He has also implied that the United States (U.S.) should embrace the United Nations’ (U.N.) laws, if they conflict with U.S. laws, an organization that is corrupt and ineffective, and is supported by the U.S. to a greater extent than any other nation in its makeup, but its shortcomings are a subject for another time.
The Establishment, which really should be capitalized, is a conglomeration of the ruling political parties, multi-national corporations, and the major institutions, both inside and outside the government, that manipulate the electorate to make them believe that it’s looking out for them, but it’s the electorate that gets it in the shorts every time. What does it take for the electorate to come to the realization that this cabal is not out to help the individual, its intent is to enslave the individual with a chain that is slowly adding links to our servitude. To most of the electorate this concept will be met with great skepticism, but it deserves a closer look over a period of time, which might be difficult for a person that is less than fifty-five years of age, because they do not have direct practical experience to make a rational comparison, and it’s difficult to extract the truth from much of the literature that is in circulation today, because the Establishment has managed to distort the real truth over the generations.
The other option, is to look at other nations that have gone down this road, and the problems they are facing,
the electorate can also evaluate states and communities that have bought into the cool-aid, and note the problems that they are having, but please don’t dismiss the concept as being ridiculous without giving it a fair examination.
The concept being presented is not new, many of the important aspects have been presented by others, and this is just presenting the facts from another perspective.


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