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The citizenry of the United States (US) should be concerned with the direction the country is going in, but if they are it’s not apparent from the coverage that it’s receiving in the media, this may be because most of the media has become a collaborative arm of the very government that is seeking to control the US populous, but it is not the only institution that has been co-opted to aid in the government’s efforts to establish a dictatorship.
This movement is not new, nor is it related to a particular political party, but the current administration feels that our culture has been sufficiently indoctrinated to initiate the final actions to establish its dictatorship, this has been accomplished, in no small part, by the efforts of our educational system.
The Federal government has inserted itself into every level of our educational system, from the preschool level to our institutions of higher learning, which encompasses the major portion of an individual’s formative years, and for the most part critical analytical thinking has not received the attention that it deserves.
This massive undertaking was necessary to negate the US Constitution, which was designed to maximize the individual’s freedom, an environment that is not conducive to the establishment of a dictatorship. One product of this movement is politically correct speech, where all sorts of terms can be declared as being degrading, insulting, or discriminatory, and if an individual were to use a politically incorrect term, the culture is encouraged to ostracize or shun the individual.
This approach is also used to establish and/or support programs or concepts that the government is attempting to initiate, such as Climate Change, which should not be questioned, because the consensus of a majority of the climatologist are in agreement with the concept, and anyone that does not accept this concept should be ostracized, this is a clear indication that our educational system is not teaching the basic principles of scientific inquiry.
If the brainwashing and public pressure tactics fail to ensure your compliance, then government will deploy one of its bureaucratic agencies to harass you over some obscure aspect of the law, that the agency inserted into the law that Congress passed, but were too busy to put any constraints in the law to prevent the agency from going beyond the intent of the law, and very few people can afford to contest the agency’s action, due to the cost involved.
Even if the individual receives a favorable verdict, they are seldom made whole in the end. One agency that is getting a bad reputation is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), this agency can do just about anything it wants, and its rule book is so big that even the most knowledgeable workers can’t inform a taxpayer, with any certainty, how a particular aspect of the law should be applied.
Another institution that’s in this cabal is the judicial system that frequently makes law or interprets it outside of the constraints of the Constitution.
It’s common for people that are looking for a certain outcome to shop for a judge that will be more inclined to give a ruling that is in the individual’s favor, and to think that most of us were taught to think of the law as being blind, treating each individual the same, regardless of their station, there have been a number of cases during this administration’s tenure to dispel that concept.
There are many more institutions and agencies in this government cabal, but their too numerous, and their impact on our behavior has too wide a scope to present here, or even in a single book.
If the individual is interested in regaining his/her freedom, it will require a concerted effort by all of us to move back to the basic principles of the Constitution, don’t listen to the politicians that tell you what they are going to give you, the only thing they are interested in is their power over you, not in your welfare. There are only three or four candidates on the Republican ticket that appear to be presenting this position, do your homework, and be sure to vote in the primary.


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