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There is a problem with getting an objective analysis from some radio talk-show hosts, it’s not that they are being dishonest, but if their relationship with a candidate has been positive there is a tendency to find an analytical format that tends to put the subject in a positive light, this may be the case with Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump. This is a big problem with Rush because he has established a positive relationship with many of the individuals running for the Presidency on the Republican ticket, and with many of the influential people involved with FOX news. Rush has complicated his position, because of the books that he has written for children that bring out the positive aspects of the Nation’s formation.
The forces that are operating in the Establishment are not necessarily in sync with where the power will be distributed; the only thing that
is certain is that it will not be given to the individual, and this is the only course of action that will end the Establishment’s hold on the individual’s freedom.
It’s a fact that every candidate in both parties is part of the establishment, with one exception, if one applies the definition of the Establishment as presented in this column, and that exception is not Trump. If one were to consider the positions of almost all of the candidates, they would find that the emphasis is on the party, government, or the Nation, but not on the expansion of the individual’s right to self determination.
The only way to make America great is to get the government and its bureaucracies out of the way of the individual’s self-determination. The country does not need a government that picks winners and losers, or subsidizing any activity, it needs a system that will allow an individual to succeed or fail on an even playing field that ensures an environment of free enterprise and competition.
One should not expect this system to function in its purest form, because there is always going to be an attitude to protect one’s position in ways that are counter to an environment of fair competition, and it will take some time to develop strategies to block these tendencies, but even though this system is messy, it’s still better than the one we are currently operating under.
We can’t depend on the Establishment or any one individual to correct the current system, what’s needed is a person that is will to remove the impediments to a free exchange system. If the electorate is really interested in establishing the nation that our Founders intended for this nation they will have to look at the candidates through a different prism than they have been using in the past, failing to utilize the prism that was provided to us by our Constitution, which goes beyond the wording to the basic principles of the document, will only give us the same results that we have had in the past.
It’s a given that the fair concept that is currently being used by the Progressives will have no meaning in the system that is being advocated here, each individual is different and has a different expectation of what is of value, and the ability to attain that goal is dependent on the individual’s abilities, that’s all part of life and reality.
The Progressives’ cookie cutter definition of fair only tends to inhibit growth and individuality in many of our productive institutions, and adds additional dollars to our products and services, this also holds true for the bureaucracies of our government at all levels.
The messages that are being disseminated by the various Establishment institutions need to be viewed through the prism provided by the Founders; it’s time to clean off your prism to prevent being manipulated by the Establishment.


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