For Your Consideration: Exploitation Inoculations

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It should be evident to any rational individual that the electorate is being manipulated by the Establishment, and most of the manipulation is in the form of emotive rhetoric that is not aligned with reality, but it works because it’s easier to react on an emotional level than on a rational level.
Most of the information is derived from the Establishment media, and that information is designed to influence the individual’s way of looking at the candidates, this is accomplished in a variety of ways.
The electorate should note that the candidates do not get equal attention, nor are the questions by pundits or moderators designed to bring out inconsistent aspects of the candidates positions, leaving a rational person with a feeling that candidates are not being treated in an unbiased manner.
Even the tactics employed by the political candidates are excused as being acceptable when running for public office. This attitude has become so imbedded in our culture that we no longer question this behavior, and as a result we don’t consider the viability of our political leaders, consequently we elect political leaders that lie to the electorate, and then wonder why our political leaders don’t live up to the rhetoric they presented when running for office; this behavior and attitude is a clear indication that our educational system is failing to impart a solid grounding in critical thinking, something that our Founders felt was necessary to preserve the Republic. The Nation would not be in its current condition if we were being taught to think rationally.
The Establishment doesn’t want the electorate to be able to conceptualize its true composition, so it diverts the electorate’s attention to the various elements that are vying for the control of power, the important point to keep in mind is that the power is removed from the individual and deposited in the Establishment’s account. 
One should not discount the role that polls play in manipulating the electronics’ choice of candidates, because they are frequently constructed to project a biased view.  
If the electorate was applying sound critical thinking while listening to the current crop of candidates, they would find that there is only one candidate that doesn’t fit into the Establishment category, at least not to this point.
Specious arguments are used by almost all of the candidates when running for a political position, but we’ll limit this section to those running for the Presidency. The major argument that’s put forth is that the candidate is qualified to be President for any number of reasons, but none of them hold any water. None of the candidates have held the position that they are running for, and since the Presidency is in a category that is unlike any other, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, to complicate this comparison even more, most candidates are stating their positions based on the information that is being supplied by the Establishment.
There are only two positions to consider, the first is that of the Establishment, the second is the position of the Constitutional purist, but it would be illogical to think that the purist position would be realized in one or two generations, given the fact that the Nation has been moving away from the purist position for over two centuries.
Reality would suggest that the Establishment is going to fight to hold onto the power that it has acquired over the past two-hundred plus year, which means that if the electorate wants the power to be placed back in the hands of the individual they will have to elect individuals that are intent on making the purist position a reality for at least the next three or four generations.
This may not be as hard as it appears if the correct actions are taken at any given point, because the electorate will see some major beneficial changes to the Nation within the first two Presidential elections, but the Establishment will be working just as hard to stop any purist trend, and the Establishment is too embedded in our culture to be weeded out any time soon, but if the electorate can learn how to inoculate itself from the tactics used by the Establishment, this Nation can still become an example that other nations will want to emulate.


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