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The Nation’s population is having a problem determining the type of government it wants, and it’s understandable given the current state of affairs, with respect to the political promises our elected officials have given us over the generations.
The electorate needs to face the fact that government can’t fix the problem, because it is the problem, it has given birth to a population that expects the government to fulfill all of its needs, this attitude has never served a culture well.
Governments rarely function efficiently, their main concern is to grow and expand their power base, which is counterproductive from an economic point of view, but the populous has little, or no understanding of how the economy works, it ranks up there with the concept of critical thinking, thanks to our educational system, which has a political agenda. 
There are a few societies that have embraced the concept of free capitalism, and these countries do have a wide range of income distribution, but those at the bottom still have it better than they had it under the equal distribution of income, this is one of the products of an efficient capitalistic system, which is dependent on the individual’s goals, drive, and abilities, something our current system tends to suppress.
One might suggest that our country is in the shape it’s in because the government is more concerned with its power, rather than that of the individual’s, and this is what is at the heart of the country’s discontent, and the problem will not be resolved until the electorate understands some basic principles of economics, and learns to think critically, to eliminate the inconsistencies in their value system. 
It should be understood that each individual has his/her individual goals, and the attainment of those goals are going to require different requirements, some of which may be in conflict with other desires, many of these other needs may require money that will not be provided by one’s primary goal, the government’s current position is that it will support you in your primary goal, by taking money from other individuals that are receiving an income from their primary goal, which in the end may inhibit them form attaining the realization of their goal.
A person may have reached a position financially to follow other pursuits that don’t provide a monetary benefit, but the government’s growth continually eats away at this individual’s income, and the government considers this fair. There has to be something seriously lacking in an individual’s thinking if they can’t see the contradiction in the government’s concept of fair, the government is not looking to be fair, its goal is control of the individual, wakeup.
The Nation needs to get back to emphasizing an individual’s responsibility, following the government’s example is not going to resolve the Nation’s problems, and it’s high time that the electorate started to hold the government responsible for its actions, or lack thereof. The government is not out to help the individual, or the country for that matter, it’s clearly functioning to enhance its power. The government lives in a bubble, and all is well inside that bubble for the government, but the same cannot be said for the rest of society, especially for the average working individual.
The electorate should steer clear of candidates that say they are going to give you something, because what they are really saying is that they are going to raise you taxes and grow government, government has no limit on its hunger for your money and its power. If the candidate is not telling you that he/she is in favor of reducing restrictive legislation, the debt, and the size of government, the electorate should give the candidate a thumbs down.
This may be the last opportunity to put a rudder on this ship that is drifting into very troubled waters.


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