For Your Consideration: The Establishment Wins

By / For Your Consideration / Wednesday, 24 February 2016 00:00

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This primary election is turning out to be very instructive, the media branch of the Establishment has managed to divert the electorates’ attention away from the real causes of the public’s discontent, and the political arm of the Establishment is embracing the diversions and using them to suggest that they understand where the discontent is coming from, this diversion is successful because the media has managed to block the electorates’ reasoning ability, it would be shortsighted to overlook the contributions made by our educational system.
The populous appears unable to objectively establish an overview of the problems that are creating the discontent that a large portion of our citizens are feeling, this is akin to the Nation’s inability to define radical Muslims, which makes the problem of addressing this threat almost impossible.
There is only one candidate that is clearly outside the Establishment, that candidate is being highlighted by the lack of attention he is receiving from the media, he has been discounted from the very beginning, and in spite of the public’s high regard for this individual the media continually suggests that he is unelectable, even before the first vote is cast.
The media is treating the polls as if they represented the true feelings of the electorate, but the validity of all polls that are taken should be called into question, but it’s clear that most of the electorate treats the polls as if they are a representation of public opinion. The electorate ignores the alternative, that polls are being used to influence the electorate’s opinion to go with the winner of the polls, this becomes evident when a person is asked why they are not voting for a certain candidate that is held in high esteem , and the reply is that the candidate can’t win, but they can’t back up the statement with any factual information, other than what the polls are suggesting.
There is one candidate that has never held a political office, and for this reason alone is perceived as not being a part of the Establishment, but when he speaks it’s clear that he is taking many of the positions that one would find in an Establishment candidate, and like most of the Establishment candidates his rhetoric relies on emotive verbiage, with no backing of a rational plan, but this fact is ignored by the media.
Given the clear indication that the Establishment media has shown its ability to manipulate the electorate’s behavior, it’s safe to suggest that an Establishment candidate will be elected to the Presidency this year.
The only question remaining is which Establishment candidate is going to receive the brass ring, and from which Party, but it’s certain that the Nation will not be moving back to the basic principles that are ensconced in the Constitution.
This fact can be very disheartening to individuals that understand that a good portion of the nation’s problems are the result of  this continual movement away from the Constitution’s basic principles. The two basic problems that the Nation faces is the inability of the electorate to understand that they are being manipulated, and the real lack of understanding of the basic principles of the Constitution, and how the enactment of those principles would resolve many of our problems.
At this point all the electorate can hope for is that the Establishment candidate will bring some aspects of our culture back in line, in some small degree, with some of the basic principles, but don’t expect the power to revert to the individual, it’s not going to happen, if the electorate ever hopes to make America great again they will have to understand the full scope of the Establishment and eliminate its structure.


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