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The last article suggest that the Establishment has won this election, if that evaluation is correct our culture will go through changes that will not be changed, except through a revolt by the populace. Failing to understand the real threat to our culture by the Establishment will enable this menace to destroy the basic principles that are ensconced in the Nation’s Constitution, and all indications are that the electorates’ attention has been successfully diverted from the real threat.
There is one candidate running for the Presidency that may have the ability to stop this assault on our culture, and doing this in a manner that will minimize the discord between the factions in our culture, but there’s still a question of the electorates’ ability to avoid being manipulated by the Establishment.
There are currently seven candidates running for the Presidency, they represent positions from the far left to the far right, as it relates to the acceptance of the Constitution. The positions that the candidates represent are important, because they suggest where the power should be concentrated.
The far left puts the power in the hands of the Federal Government, and more specifically in the Executive Branch of the government. The far right would place most of the power in the hands of individual and local governments. In reality, there is no utopia at either end, but the far right lends itself to a greater exploration of concepts that hold the potential of coming up with solutions to many of the problems facing our society.
The two candidates on the Democratic ticket fall on the far left of the continuum, but it’s difficult to rate one further to the left then the other, because they appear to be looking to outdo one another, but the Establishment sector of the Party is more inclined to support one candidate, however, that support appears to be tenuous.
The Republican Party has five candidates, there is one candidate that might fall to the left of center that has received some support from a segment of the Establishment, but has not received much support from the electorate.
There is another candidate that the Establishment is opposed to, but this candidate is receiving a good portion of support from a segment of the electorate, even though his positions appear to be rather nebulous, which makes it difficult to assign a location on the continuum, his position is causing the Establishment to take a second look at this candidate. There is a candidate that the Establishment is pushing, but the candidate is trying not to acknowledge this support, fearing that this would hurt his position, given the electorates’ attitude towards the political Establishment. The last two candidates fall on the right side of the continuum, but the Establishment addresses these candidates differently. The candidate that is holding a position in the political arena is receiving a fair amount of support from a segment of the electorate, but is receiving attacks from a variety of Establishment institutions. The last Republican candidate has been redacted to a point that he is often overlooked entirely, the avoidance of any acknowledgement of  this candidate is so apparent that it’s hard to ignore, and yet this candidate has the highest respect ratings of all the candidates, but the Establishment has managed to convince the electorate that he can’t win the nomination. The lengths the Establishment is going too to make this candidate invisible should tell the electorate who the Establishment really fears. The problem with this candidate is that he is showing signs of being manipulate by people associated with his campaign, he has drifted away from the sound reasoning to resolve the Nation’s problems.
Given the slate of candidates, and the Establishment’s efforts to manipulate the electorate voting it’s going to be difficult for the voter to end up with a candidate that is going to give the voter what he/she is looking for. One is tempted to shout out the memorable line from an old TV show “will the real candidate please standup.” If you’re for the freedom that is proposed in the Constitution, don’t be influenced by the emotive rhetoric that is being employed by most of the candidates and the Establishment.


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