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It has been said that imitation is a is a form of praise, but when the mimicking is presented as a hyperbole, it becomes a sarcastic depiction of a person’s actions and/or attitudes, and this has been the latest attempt of one of the candidates that have been unable to get across the odious behavior and positions of another candidate running for the Presidency.
The application of this technique can be effective if the spectators are intelligent enough to grasp the intent, but it can be detrimental to the person employing this technique if the person receiving the information is operating at an emotive level, which tends to block rational thought.
This can be corrected over time if the practice is explained to the audience, but the spectator needs to suspend the emotive attachment to the intended target. This technique and others would not be necessary if the candidate formats were structured to really get the positions’ of the candidates running for the Presidency.
Most of the forums have been designed to be a food fight, which improves the viewership ratings for the media hosting the debate, and the moderators asking the questions, but does little to enlighten the electorate on the candidates’ positions. If the Establishment media was really looking to inform the public on the positions’ of the candidates it would give each candidate one minute to answer a question on a given subject, without injecting any bias into the question, which should be exactly the same for each candidate; there would be no extra time given to a candidate if his/her name was mentioned.
Each candidate would have to decide how much of their time they were willing to spend responding to any comments made about them.
Under these conditions the candidates that just kept repeating the same sound bites would become evident very quickly, and there would be no need to employ the hyperbole techniques.
The electorate needs to come to the realization that they are the target of the media Establishment, it’s all about manipulating the emotive state of the viewer, there’s that word again  --- manipulation.
The media is in lock step with the rest of the Establishment when it comes to influencing the electorate at the emotive level, because it’s easier to manipulate a person at this level, even when the Establishment tries to influence the electorate with a rational argument, it still presents the position with a good amount of emotive verbiage to cloak any faulty reasoning. As long as the electorate allows itself to be manipulated by the Establishment it will never be satisfied with the results of the Establishment’s leadership.
The electorate will have to face the fact that it’s the problem, you are getting the government you deserve because of your inability to apply rational thought, and your failure to choose a candidate that applies rational thought to solving problems, because he/she does not have a fire in their belly, as if having indigestion is a prerequisite for the Presidency, could not resist using a little hyperbole.
The electorate has missed the opportunity to select good candidates in past elections, and in this one, thanks to the Establishment’s manipulation of the electorate, and the electorates’ inability to employ rational critical thinking in its decision making.
There are too many people in the electorate that are looking for the government to secure their positions in our culture, when that should be
determined by the efforts of the individual on an even playing field, and to maintain that position one will have to continually compete with others, this competition is what will catapult our nation to the top of the heap, wake up.


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